Photos courtesy of Shukette, Lord’s, Deanna Ting, and Sixty Three Clinton. Photo composite by Tania Bou Samra.

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The New York Restaurants We Loved in 2023


Spotify Wrappeds have been unwrapped. And soon, your very own Resy Year in Review will be delivered, too. As we collectively reflect on the past year and look ahead to the next, we asked Resy staffers to share some of their favorite New York meals with us because if there’s one thing that unites us over here at Resy HQ, it’s our love of restaurants.

While we’re on the topic of recaps — and before we delve into our staffers’ most memorable dining moments of 2023 — we’d like to share with you a few trends we noticed this year. No surprise here, but Team Resy dined out quite a bit. Our Resy Staff Picks from the past 10 months featured a grand total of 208 restaurants across the city, and that’s just from our staffers who agreed to publish their picks (we’ve got plenty more recs on our #resy-foodpics-chat Slack channel).

Some of the most popular restaurants among our staffers were 4 Charles Prime Rib (we can’t resist a good burger or steak), Fish Cheeks (we’re beholden to the crab curry), al Badawi (give us all the meats, please), Bonnie’s (there’s nothing as comforting as some Cantonese American food), Atoboy (still the best after all the years), Double Chicken Please (ahem, when we can manage to get in), Bar Bête (the Platonic ideal of a bistro), and Gage & Tollner (an O.G. classic). We also had a favorite tastemaker among us, senior revenue enablement manager Lala Liban, who’s mentioned twice below. And when it came to our most mentioned recs, they were for the soulful Persian cooking over at Bushwick’s Eyval, the iconic burger (but of course) at Red Hook Tavern, and most of all, any and all of the pastas over at da Toscano in the West Village, our No. 1 most-loved restaurant this year.

In short, we’ve loved sharing our neighborhood gems and go-tos, and all the spots that made our year of dining so very filling, and full. So, from A to … well, to S, here are our top New York dining moments of 2023.

For a birthday celebration …

I went to 4 Charles Prime Rib, and it met all expectations and more. From the perfectly coursed dinner, amazing presentation, and perfect ambiance everything about the meal was perfect. The best dishes to note were the French dip, burger, and shrimp scampi.

Erika Greengarten, Restaurant Success Manager


If you need a place to celebrate a special occasion …

Sixty Three Clinton is it. I went for my birthday and everything on the menu was excellent, and everyone on the staff was incredibly warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable — they really do go out of their way to make sure you have a fantastic experience. The caviar hand rolls are the perfect indulgence — just absolute buttery, delightful goodness. It’s a  luxury that was worth every penny as they really do not skimp on the caviar!

Kat Hsu, Senior Product Manager


Without a doubt, my favorite meal this year was …

At Atomix. I was fortunate to land a reservation for my birthday and from the moment I stepped into the space behind those apartment doors, I felt like I was taken through a unique experience like no other. The progression of courses was woven together seamlessly, starting from light and crisp and moving towards savory and decadent. Chef JP Park and his wife and partner Ellia Park’s love for design and aesthetics truly shined through the plating, associated artwork, and poetic descriptions that accompanied each dish, including the rice ice cream with shaved truffle. It’s an unusual combination on the surface, but don’t knock it until you try it; it all came together perfectly. The wine selection was spot-on, and the service was professional and warm, but never stuffy — the perfect combination of hospitality I’ve come to love from Atoboy and Naro. It was truly a meal for the ages, and they deserve all the recognition and more!

Charles Zhao, Director of Restaurant Product 

It was a merger of two very different cuisines …

But the meal served by Sean Brock, from Nashville’s june, with JP Park at Atomix was one of the most thoughtful, delicious, and fun meals I have had in recent memory in a year where I had lots of incredible meals across the city (and New Jersey). Sean brought so many Appalachian ingredients with him, but even foraged for some local ingredients here in New York, while JP and Ellia masterfully told a story through their food and ingredients, all while still delivering some of the best hospitality in the world.

Aaron Ginsberg, Vice President of Restaurant Partnerships

I’m not much of a birthday person …

But this year, I decided to do something different, and I’m so very grateful I did. After a particularly brutal week, I got to celebrate my birthday surrounded by friends at one of my absolute favorite restaurants in the city — Bar Bête — and it did not disappoint (it never does). Eight of us sat at one table near the front, and we proceeded to order nearly everything on the menu — chicken liver parfait, duck-fat potatoes, and tuna toast included — and bottles of a truly incredible Riesling that we couldn’t get enough of. Being with friends and sharing that meal with them was the best birthday present I could ask for, and better yet was topping it off with a generous slice of Bar Bête’s yellow cake with dark chocolate frosting. The highlight was the surprise on the top of the cake, decorated with tiny photos from each of my friends.

Deanna Ting, New York Editor, Resy Editorial


We had an all-around incredible experience …

When we came to Bowery Meat Company for a birthday dinner. The staff made us feel like we were well taken care of the entire time, even bringing out some chocolate with “happy birthday” on it which was such a thoughtful gesture. The tomahawk steak was outstanding, and it paired perfectly with truffle butter along with sides of whipped potato, asparagus, and that piping hot, creamy lobster mac and cheese. The Spanish charred octopus was unforgettable though — definitely my favorite from all the dishes we tried and exquisitely done.

Abigail Jang, Senior Product Manager


While I originally sought out C as in the Charlie

For the Instagrammable dessert “bagel” with cream cheese gelato, the staff’s warm vibes really stole the show. Being welcomed by complimentary shots of sake made me feel like a big-time VIP, despite the fact that everyone gets them. The seoul’sbury steak with gruyere grits stood out amongst a menu full of cheeky Korean and Southern-inflected small plates. I only wish I had come with a bigger group so I could order the whole menu.

Caryn Ganeles, Senior Manager, Restaurant Marketing 


As a notorious brunch hater …

I was overwhelmed by how much I enjoyed my mid-day meal at Chez Ma Tante. Each dish was balanced, fresh, and straddled the line of comforting and unique. It was an incredibly rainy Sunday, and I wanted to stay inside the restaurant all day long. The food was like a warm hug on a particularly cold fall day in Brooklyn. We had pancakes, Turkish coffee cake, an egg sandwich, burrata, gigante beans, and cured salmon. My pro tips? Get one plate of pancakes for every two people at the table but do not skip on the Turkish coffee cake, a sleeper hit; it was refreshingly not too sweet and perfectly savory.

Natalie Weil, Experiential Coordinator


I love a good brunch …

And I found the best pancakes I have ever tried at Chez Ma Tante in Greenpoint. They were so good I was there at least five times this year. They’re the perfect balance of fluffy, with a crispy buttery edge. I also recommend the quiche, cured salmon, and gigante beans. Pro tip: If you don’t plan your brunches far in advance, there’s always bar seating available, and it’s the perfect spot to read and enjoy your coffee.

Emily Lyons, Senior Experiential Marketing Analyst


This may be a case of recency bias …

But I loved my meal at Corner Bar that I had earlier in the month. My Resy co-workers and I went together and ordered what felt like the whole menu, but the standouts were the spaghetti pomodoro (beautifully al dente), the fries (perfectly crispy), the spinach (I dream of this spinach), and, most of all, the mackerel. The skin was crispy and the fish itself was buttery soft. As a pescatarian, I don’t typically flock to bistro-style restaurants because I find they skew toward meat entrées, but I was absolutely floored with this vegetarian-friendly meal. If you go, try to get a seat in the dining room; the design is perfectly 70’s inspired, and luxurious without taking itself too seriously. And get your own side of spinach. Or three.

Liora Fishman, Senior Email Manager


Dinner at da Toscano

Orchestrated by my co-worker and favorite food influencer, Lala Liban, stands out as a highlight among my dining experiences this year. Of course, every bite of pasta was delicious but what truly elevated the occasion was the community of women wholeheartedly savoring the meal. In that moment, my belly and heart were abundantly satisfied.

Ria Mar-Fan, Resy Product Services Manager


We loved everything about our meal …

At da Toscano in July. The food, the drinks, the vibe, the service. We ordered the warm rosemary focaccia to start, followed by the octopus carpaccio and prosciutto di Parma. For the main course, we ordered the tortellini, veal chop parmigiana, and the scialatelli.

Sami Lieberman, Senior Software Engineer


Best of The Hit ListNew York

The 10 Restaurants That Defined New York Dining in 2023 

We asked our contributors to the Resy Hit List to share their top dining experiences in their cities this year — 10…


Don’t sleep on the Dover sole …

Over at Delmonico’s. It looks light but it’s so tasty. I went there for the first time to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday and it lived up to the hype. We love trying everything and everything we ordered was absolutely delicious: the yellowtail crudo, Caesar salad, braised octopus, crab cakes, the Dover sole, and the dry-aged rib eye, plus sides of asparagus and mashed potatoes. But the real standout was the lobster Newberg. If you’re a fan of savory sauces and seafood, I highly recommend it.

Leslie Delacruz, Employee Experience and Office Manager


If you want to feel like you’re in Seoul …

Without traveling to the other side of the globe, try Don Don: Their dry-aged pork is so mouthwatering and won’t disappoint! The vintage retro decor and ambiance reminded me of old-school restaurants in the narrow streets of Seoul in Jongro, where office workers after work hours would casually gather after a long day to exchange soju shots with pork belly. Pro tip: If you get the old school lunch box, make sure you shake it so that all the ingredients inside are mixed, and if you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, ask one of the servers and they’ll shake and mix it for you.

Jina Park, Director, Restaurant Partner Marketing


Eyval gets better with every visit …

And I can confidently say that after going there more than a few times this year. Grab three or more good eaters to sample everything their delicious menu can offer. I dream of the lamb ribs, eggplant kashke bademjan, and the kebabs more often than I’d like to admit. Pro tip: Order another round of breads for the main course to capture every last bit of sauce. Oh, and the Persian tea paired with their floral and fragrant desserts is a truly delightful way to end an already perfect meal.

Lala Liban, Senior Revenue Enablement Manager


I think I’ve already told everyone I know how much I enjoyed …

Our dinner over the summer at Family Meal at Blue Hill, but I’ll say it again. I loved the format of the meal – the service is warm and inviting and the food is absolutely stunning but also comforting and approachable. It’s almost like you’re at an incredibly chic dinner party. Standout dishes included the arancini, scallops, big-eye tuna, the grass-fed beef, and the farmer’s cheese cheesecake, but don’t expect to get any of those when you go since the menu changes constantly.

Jamie Goldstein, Resy Strategic Partnerships


To the chef incubator that always delights …

Merci beaucoup, Fulgurances Laundromat. It remains one of the best places to discover fresh (and established!) culinary talent, and at a price that is so very affordable for New York: a six-course tasting for $89. I began and ended 2023 with a meal Fulgurances (with many more in between), trying everything from a “chowder-mushi” with all the fish trimmings to a durian and caramelized milk millefeuille (courtesy of Colby Rasavong), to Gorgonzola-stuffed agnolotti and trumpet mushroom-studded ice cream (from Émile Desmet), all the while drinking too much wine generously poured by the owner Hugo Hivernat and a dream team that makes this place oh-so very special.

Noëmie Carrant, Senior Writer, Resy Editorial


I have been gatekeeping …

The brunch at Gage & Tollner for quite some time but now I am ready to share the love. Not only do they play live jazz during weekend brunch, their pastry chef [Caroline Schiff] whips up some of the most magnificent baked goods I have had in the country. On a particular chilly Sunday, we split a currant-glazed donut, apple fritter, and miso pumpkin bread pudding. Their burger is absolutely divine, and you cannot miss the butter-roasted hash browns. Gage & Tollner also has a very reasonable corkage fee, making it a fun spot to pop some great wines that have been sitting in the cellar for far too long.

Will Stern, Senior Manager, B2B Product Partnerships & Business Development


2023 is the year I met Graziella’s

And I owe that introduction to fellow Resy staffer Lala Liban. I love every single thing about it: the blistered cheese on the extra-thin pizza, the crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside lasagna and the sweet-tart black cherry gelato. Graziella’s feels like home, and that’s why we ate there with our families after getting married this year. Sitting around a big table, at a decidedly unfussy restaurant with a giant menu and all your favorite people is as good at is gets. Find your Graziella’s!

Tess Gostfrand, Senior Product Marketing Manager


I can’t even put into words …

How delicious everything was at JUA. I have been thinking about their goguma juak,  a sweet potato donut, for a while and would go back just for that. I went there for a family dinner and the ambiance, service, food and quality time with family made everything so memorable. This tasting menu was definitely worth the price.

Felicity Lin, Senior B2B Marketing Analyst


Every course we had at JUA

Was consistently delicious, especially the standouts like the striped jack, jook, and duck and chan. I went to Jua for an anniversary dinner and it was great for celebrating a special occasion. They have amazing service and a fun menu that gives a unique spin on the classics.

Julie Arditti, Restaurant Product Manager


A spa day followed by a meal at K’Far

Was the perfect “treat yourself” combo and it was one of my favorite dining experiences this year. I took the day off for my birthday and went alone on a cold but sunny Friday afternoon in February. I ordered the pistachio sticky bun (best pastry I’ve ever had), the chicken schnitzel, and a glass of cold orange wine and enjoyed every single bite after spending the morning at Bathhouse around the corner. K’Far has a great solo dining vibe, and they’ve got a good mix of sweet and savory. Because it’s in a hotel, they’re open every day for breakfast. Go alone like I did, but then go back with a group and try one of every pastry, the egg-and-cheese bagel, and the shakshuka. Also, do know you can get the pistachio sticky bun at the coffee counter in the hotel.

Michelle Greenbaum, Senior Manager of Social Media


As what you might call an aficionado of old-fashioned French cooking …

There was no way I wasn’t going to love Libertine. But what Max Mackinnon, Cody Pruitt and team are pulling off is what you might call non-nostalgia nostalgia. Dishes like duck two ways are gorgeous, but the true sweet spot is in their recrafting of basic bistro staples — oeufs mayo, coquilles Saint-Jacques, jambon persillé — in ways that run circles around even most of the new-gen Parisian specimens. These are love letters to simplicity, with Pruitt’s epic wine list (and that martini!) on the backbeat.

Jon Bonné, Managing Editor, Resy Editorial


Don’t let the words “pig’s head” keep you …

From trying something new. The crispy pig’s head and radicchio remoulade, plus the curried lamb scotch egg, meat pie, and, of course, proper English chips, were perfect for a cozy winter dinner with friends at Lord’s. They serve elevated pub food that was delicious and accessible, and it’s easily shareable with a group so we could try everything out. And they’ve got delicious martinis.

Annie Lindahl, Product Manager


My favorite restaurant memory this year is a two-stop itinerary …

That my fiancé and I loved so much, we did it twice within the same month: martinis and oysters at Maison Premiere, followed by cheeseburgers at Cozy Royale. Maison Premiere is a magical spot that immediately transports you. Bustling Bedford Avenue is right outside but you’d never know it when you’re tucked away safely at the oyster bar, surrounded by flickering candles and cozy nooks. We ordered King Cole martinis (which come prepared tableside and are heavenly) and a round of oysters. We got to talking with the oyster bartender (oystertender?) and mentioned wanting to learn more about the different flavors of oysters. He held up a finger, turned around, and put together a plate of four additional oysters for us, explaining the taste of each one. His enthusiasm was contagious, and they were genuinely the best oysters I can remember. After finishing our martinis, we departed on foot for Cozy Royale. The 20-minute or so walk is just the right amount of time to feel like you’ve really earned the cheeseburger you’re bound to order. Cozy Royale is the sort of place I’d want to be a regular at if it were in my neighborhood: the vibe is so warm and welcoming, and they have an amazing happy hour. We capped off the night with a sticky toffee pudding and it was perfect.

Alex Johnson, Senior Manager, Marketing


It’s basically a running joke in my college friend group that …

Whenever we want to catch up over dinner, we go to Mokyo, because it “hits every time.” So, when we decided to get together in June this year, we found ourselves going back to ye old faithful. It genuinely amazes me how I do not get sick of this place, considering I get the same thing every time and go so frequently. The gochujang cauliflower dish is delicious and the wagyu oxtail spring rolls never disappoint, but the real star of the show are the corn dumplings served with a side of truffle salsa verde. I have not met anyone that dislikes this dish. Furthermore, I have never been to Mokyo a single time where this dish was not ordered more than once.

Shane Gilligan, Strategic Partnerships Analyst


This is (maybe) a completely personal, biased thing …

But my favorite meals will basically always be at Morandi. It’s the restaurant I go to the most, and also where my husband and I held our wedding reception, so we go every year in May for our anniversary. It’s just a solid place with good food and it’s always lively, and they always treat us so well.

Duncan Goodwin, Implementation Specialist


It felt like our own little dinner party …

When our group of 16 folks from the Resy product and engineering team bought out the entire counter for a 6 p.m. seating at Omakase Sushi Fan for an after-work dinner in September. We enjoyed a 12-course BYOB omakase meal together, and my favorite part of the meal (besides the delicious, unpretentious sushi) was the shared experience and camaraderie that we had as a team. It’s difficult to dine in New York City with a group that large at that price, and it was such a bonding experience to be able to bring over our favorite wines and sakes. My advice? Keep an eye out for when their booking window drops and book the entire counter, then invite your friends! It’s so much fun.

Gina Chun, Senior Technical Product Manager


This spot is worth dining at 5 p.m. to get a Resy …

And well worth the hype. I’ve gone to The Polo Bar four times in the last year and loved it every time. The ambiance, service, and food at Polo Bar is absolutely impeccable, and you’re likely to spy a celeb! Some of my favorite dishes are the Ralph’s corned beef bites from the bar menu — the best thing on the menu in my opinion and way tastier than the full corned beef sandwich — the burger, pigs in a blanket, Caesar salad, chocolate cake, and coconut cake. Pro tip: I recommend calling at 10 a.m. and taking whatever reservation you can get.

Callie Randall, Premium Loyalty Strategy Manager


Where else can a popsicle be a highlight of the meal? …

That was the case when I dined at Principe with my mom for Mother’s Day and it was fantastic! Their staff was so hospitable and made my mom feel very special and the food, drinks, and service were on point, as always!

Tyler Friedman, Restaurant Success Manager


My favorite New York City meal this year was simple …

A perfectly cooked medium-rare cheeseburger from Red Hook Tavern. This is because a perfect New York day for me is getting to Red Hook early, enjoying the weather, spending a bit too much time drinking at Sunny’s, and then heading to Red Hook Tavern. There’s just something about that burger; it’s so simple with just cheese and onion but it’s perfect. A plate of French fries, some wine, and oysters also don’t hurt.

Evan Stein, Senior Regional Sales Director, NYC


We stayed for far too many hours and far too many bottles …

But I remember a night spent at Rhodora with a group of co-workers turned friends, some of whom no longer live in New York City, as one of my favorite nights of the year. Serendipitously we were all available to gather on a random Tuesday night, and we proceeded to order the majority of the small plates menu and many fun wines that the wonderful staff helped us choose from their expansive list. One particularly corny and heart-happy moment when I excused myself to the bathroom, but I could still hear my friends laughing at the table. Something between the company, the neighborhood energy, and the warm hospitality of this place made that moment and night quite special.

Isabelle Andrews, Director, Technical Product

Pizza from Razza

Never disappoints! The pizza doughs are made with their own yeast culture, which adds more flavor to the crust, and they offer seasonal varieties of pies. My go-to order is the Jersey Margherita; it’s simple and delicious!

Tania Bou Samra, Brand Design Lead

You can see the kitchen from your table …

And watch the chefs selecting the ingredients for your meal when you go to Roscioli. The space itself is very cool, not fancy at all, but you can see the extra attention to detail that went into the design. It’s not a large space so they had to focus on making each square inch great and they nailed it. And of course, there’s the food. They have a good number of variations of their burrata (you can never go wrong with burrata but they’ve certainly elevated it). The radicchio salad is fresh and crispy, and their delicious cacio e pepe is the perfect size for you to try awesome pasta and still have room to try a couple more dishes. My only advice? Make sure you and your party check out the whole menu before placing your order; they are super strict about ordering everything at once.

Pablo Rivero, CEO, Resy

Enchiladas verdes and spicy margs …

At Santa Fe BK in Williamsburg were my favorite meal of the year. The space reminds me of a cozy hometown bar, and the portions are large enough to share a single entrée for two. There’s often space to walk in, making it the perfect weeknight staple. Plus, you get free sopapillas with honey to conclude your meal — if you can make room for them!

Nathan Ulrich, Senior Product Designer

That sauce was indeed banging …

When we visited Shukette in November and were tempted to order the whole menu. We started with the labneh and frena which reminded me of focaccia, then moved on to many of the vegetable dishes but the roasted delicata squash was the highlight. Oh, and the crispy shrimp with bang bang aioli was a must. We sat at the bar which allows you to watch your meal be prepared right in front of you. The whole vibe of the restaurant was incredible, from the playlist to the other guests and staff. If you can’t score a reservation, use the Notify list and keep your notifications on.

Daniel Stephan, Implementation Specialist

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