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Cosa Buona

Dish By DishLos Angeles

Cosa Buona’s Twists on Italian-American Classics, As Seen Through Five Dishes

Zach Pollack knew he’d come back to pizza someday, but he had no idea he’d switch from artisanal crusts to…


Sixty Three Clinton's Samuel Clonts, left, and Raymond Trinh. // Photo courtesy of Sixty Three Clinton; other photography by Giada Paoloni

Dish By DishNew York

Samuel Clonts and Ray Trinh’s Accessible Fine Dining at Sixty Three Clinton, As Seen Through Five Dishes

Samuel Clonts and Raymond Trinh go way back. The two met as high schoolers in Arizona, working together at the…


The table is set // Photo by Pop Media LA for Hanchic. Other photography by Will Blunt and Patrick Manalo

Dish By DishLos Angeles

How Hanchic Adds an Edge to Korean Tradition, As Seen Through Five Dishes

Kyungbin Min excels at experimentation, so the curveball of the pandemic sent him into a spiral — a positive one…



Dish By DishLos Angeles

The Oaxacan Traditions of Guelaguetza, As Seen Through Five Dishes

Guelaguetza, one of L.A.’s most iconic restaurants, has been a haven for the city’s vast Oaxacan population who miss dishes…


The Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki, with noodles, notably different from Gaijin's Osaka-style version.. // Photo by Regan Baroni

Dish By DishChicago

The Japanese and Midwestern Roots of Paul Virant’s Gaijin, in Six Dishes

A sultry slip of a restaurant beneath the El tracks in the bustling West Loop, Gaijin is chef and owner…


Jon Yao Kato

Dish By DishLos Angeles

Jon Yao’s Taiwan-Inspired Cooking at Kato, As Seen Through Five Dishes

When Kato opened in West Los Angeles in 2016, Taiwanese food had just begun to creep westward from the San…


Map of Chicago Chinatown

Chinatown USAChicago

Eight Dishes That Tell the Story of Chicago’s Chinatown

On a warm summer day in other times, the most idyllic way to experience Chicago would be to board a…


Chinatown USASan Francisco

Six Dishes That Tell The Story of San Francisco’s Chinatown

Was the inventor of San Francisco’s famous Hangtown Fry — a scramble of eggs, oysters and bacon — really a…


Chinatown USA

The Wonder of Chinese American Food, In Five Dishes

Chinese American cuisine parallels the Chinese American experience — a unique, sometimes blurred identity. Some dishes, like kung pao chicken,…