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Fall 2020 Update: How Resy Technology Is Powering Restaurants Around The US

As restaurants around the country opened up to diners this summer they were tasked with a critical challenge: deliver the…

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At New York Restaurants, It’s the Season of the Yurt

Single-table huts, cabins and bubbles have sprung up across the city. A safer or more pleasant way to eat outdoors?

Restaurants adapt to the new normal: 20 ways dining out may change in 2021 and beyond

What will restaurants be like in the years to come? How will the often devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic (among…

New Yorkers have spoken — this is NYC’s best outdoor dining spot

And the winner is … Fairfax Cafe

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5 Marketing Trends Born In 2020

These marketing trends that were born out of necessity this year, but brands should definitely keep them going…


Introducing the Diner Code of Conduct for a COVID-19 World

Diners and restaurants can make eating out a far safer—and more pleasant—experience for workers and patrons alike with the new…



Hospitality technology platform Resy engaged foodies, and supported local restaurants, with a 10-course drive-through tasting experience presented by the American…


Contemplating Luxury Yurts as Corporate ‘Support’

Back in the summer, reservations platform Resy and its parent credit card company, American Express, helped fund an effort to give…


The unexpected gastronomic highlights of 2020

Meal kits were big news this year as restaurants scrambled to cater for customers at home, and new online outfits…


Zahav’s yurt village shows the possibilities and disparities of winter outdoor dining

The menu costs $90 per person, and the reservation must be made with an American Express card through the Resy…


15 Baked Goods Our Editors Are Gifting This Holiday Season

This extra-special box of cookies was made possible by a partnership between the restaurant reservation platform Resy, NYC bakery Ovenly,…


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Reserve a Cookie Box From Some Culinary Darlings

Nina Compton, Alice Waters and Enrique Olvera are among the chefs contributing to the Resy Cookie Box.


We Tried 9 Delicious Restaurant Meal Kits. Here Are Our Verdicts

It’s been one hell of a year for the restaurant industry. Back in March, we entered lockdown, restaurants shuttered their doors, and…


The Pandemic’s Latest Trend: Boxed Events Delivered to Your Doorstep

Resy, the online reservation platform, just launched Resy at Home Specials, a series of cross-country, special-occasion take-out dinners for two.


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