Author: Mahira Rivers

Resy FeaturesNew York

Torrisi Is Back. The Mozzarella Is Flowing, But Don’t Call It the Same Old Spot

In 2010, one of the hottest dinners in New York City was an affordable tasting menu found on Mulberry Street,…


Taste MattersNew YorkNational

In An Era of Luxe Sushi, Is the Greatest Tradition to Be Local?

I’m seated at the counter at Rosella, an American sushi restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood, faced with a platter…


Resy FeaturesPortlandNational

With Kann, Gregory Gourdet Is Ready to Define Dining His Way

Take a scroll through Gregory Gourdet’s Instagram, and it’ll seem as though the celebrity chef is everywhere, all at once.…


Resy SpotlightNew York

Al Coro Is Here At Last. Can It Really Rewrite the Rules of Fine Dining?

There are few restaurant spaces in New York City that command the same sense of awe as the dining room…


Taste MattersNew York

Welcome to a Glorious Era of Street Food. You’ll Find It In Restaurants.

I remember when Anthony Bourdain first set out to bring a Singapore-style hawker center to New York City. It was…


Photo EssaysNew York

Behind the Scenes at Mel’s, the New Pizza Spot From the Crown Shy Team

Mel’s would be a noteworthy opening in any case: An approachable but still ambitious spot for pizza and the like,…

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Melissa Rodriguez Is Ready to Reboot Fine Dining In New York. But First, Pizza.

Outside 85 Tenth Avenue in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, the black carpet stitched with bold block lettering is gone, ripped from…


Illustration by Jeannie Phan

Taste MattersNew York

Does Being a Classic Restaurant Mean You Can Never Change?

When El Parador Café opened in 1959, it was one of just a handful of Mexican restaurants in New York…


Taste MattersNew York

The Freedom of Cooking In America, or, How the Duo at Dhamaka Learned Not to Compromise

I was fishing for vegetables in the sambar one night at Semma, a new Southern Indian restaurant in the West…


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