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Resy SpotlightNew Orleans

The Stories Behind Nine Menu Items at Bywater American Bistro in New Orleans

What secrets lie beneath the surface of a restaurant menu? In this edition of Eating Between the Lines, we head…


Resy SpotlightNew Orleans

Behind the Scenes at Nina Compton’s Newly Reopened Compère Lapin 

What secrets lie beneath the surface of a restaurant menu? In this latest edition of Eating Between the Lines, we…


Resy SpotlightNational

Five Things to Watch in the Restaurant World in 2021 

For restaurants, the year 2020 was one of incredible loss but also, one of some incredible innovations. Whether out of…


Resy Spotlight

How Afro-Tiki Is Reclaiming Tiki Culture for the Next Generation

At the end of this year, some Boston revelers ringing in 2021 will toast with takeout cocktails they’ve likely never tasted before. One is laced…


Chef FeaturesNew York

Don’t Worry, New York: Anthony Mangieri’s Pizza Will Be Back Soon. (But He’s Not Leaving Jersey)

These days, one of America’s most celebrated pizzaioli can be found sleeping on the floor. Sometimes in his business partner’s…


Resy SpotlightNew York

Amanda Cohen Wants Vegetables as Your Holiday Centerpiece

Amanda Cohen is not Team Turkey. From a very young age, she decided that the grand dame of Thanksgiving, as she…


Resy SpotlightSan Francisco

How San Francisco Wine Bar Ungrafted Turned to Virtual Events

The husband-and-wife team of Chris Gaither and Rebecca Fineman first linked up at the advanced sommelier exam in 2012. Their…


Resy SpotlightNew YorkSan Francisco

Eating Between the Lines, With Mister Jiu’s and The Four Horsemen

What do you get when two acclaimed chefs from both coasts get together to create a feast for two?  In…


The ClassicsLos Angeles

Daniel Navarro Kept El Cochinito in the Family. Now He’s Made Sure It Reflects the Community

In the days before COVID-19, there’s a good chance you drove by El Cochinito  a million times without noticing it.…


Chinatown USASan Francisco

Has Eight Tables in San Francisco Predicted the Future of Fine Dining?

It was a small loss, amid so many overwhelming ones, but one of the pleasures that disappeared when the dining…


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