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The Resy Guide to Excellent Bakeries in New York


There are a countless number of truly exceptional bakeries throughout New York City, and we’ve gathered some of the very best here — some of which are affiliated with or are a part of restaurants that are on Resy, some of which (like Lysée) where you can make a Resy to dine in, and some of which were just too good not to include (we’re looking at you, Librae).

From old standbys to notable newcomers, these pastry shops and bakeries are creating some of the most innovative and flavorful cakes, croissants, cookies, bread, and more that you’ll find in New York — or anywhere else for that matter. Suffice it to say, these are the ones you’ll want to wake up early for, and the ones worth setting a Notify for — if that’s available.

Note: If you’re looking for a comprehensive list of restaurants where you can — and should — satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts at the end of your meal, we’ve got you covered here. Oh, and here’s an ice cream guide, too.

Bake It Nice at Eleven Madison Park

  • Madison Square Park

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