Author: Caroline Hatchett

Resy FeaturesNew York

Eight Moments That Changed Spanish Cuisine in New York

For decades, Spanish food in New York was mediocre and monolithic, replete with generic tapas and parboiled-rice paella. The braised…


Pastas from Principe.

The RundownNew York

All About Principe in Soho

At Principe, the raw bar — with its turquoise marble and mother-of-pearl tones — could have been lifted from Botticelli’s…


Outside Runner Up

The RundownNew York

What to Expect at Runner Up, Park Slope’s Wine (and Rotisserie Chicken) Bar

Before you go to a restaurant, what do you want — or need — to know most? In our series, The…


Inside Attaboy

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The Speakeasy Is Dead. Long Live the Speakeasy

This summer, you don’t necessarily have to step through a fabled phone booth to drink cocktails at PDT, one of…