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GuidesWashington D.C.

The Resy Guide to 2021 Michelin Winners in Washington, D.C.

It’s Michelin time again for D.C. restaurants, a statement that seems downright surreal after the past year. The French-0wned guide…


GuidesNew York

The Resy Guide to Date Night in New York

Whether you’re married with kids, or swiping left and right, looking for the one, there are few questions more enduring…



The Resy Guide to Where To Drink Outdoors in London

It’s the age-old dilemma – does one head to a restaurant or a bar to meet a friend outdoors? Is…


Courtesy of Woods Hill Pier 4


The Resy Guide to Date Night in Boston

As we welcome indoor dining back into our lives, we’re also rekindling our passion for that thing restaurants can do…


The omakase at Hiroki sets the mood.


The Resy Guide to Date Night in Philadelphia

What makes a restaurant a great date spot? Is it the romantic vibe? Do they offer plates to share? How…


Courtesy of Porto


The Resy Guide to Date Night in Chicago

Whether it’s a first date or 30th anniversary dinner, date night should feel special, and a touch outside the ordinary.…


The patio at Vintage Lounge


The Resy Guide to the Best Outdoor Tables in Charleston

Let’s face it, this is Charleston, so outdoor dining is an option almost year-round. And since 2020 blew through, there…



The Resy Guide To Grabbing Brunch In Sydney

Brunch culture in Sydney is a lifestyle of its own. Weekend (and sometimes weekday) brunch options sprawl across the city,…


GuidesNapaSan Francisco

The Resy Guide to Wine Country, Spring Edition

The weather’s looking real nice these days in the Bay Area. Warm sunshine, clear blue skies, Moderna and Pfizer in…


Spritz time at Le Jardinier. // Photo by Jordan Wise for Resy


The Resy Guide to Outdoor Dining in Miami

While it may still be thawing in some parts of the country, Miami’s glorious temperate weather and cloudless blue skies…


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