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The Resy Guide to Oyster and Wine Pairings in New York

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Is there anything better than a freshly shucked oyster on the half shell?

… Maybe when it’s paired with a perfect beverage?

… Maybe when it’s part of a happy hour?

We asked the beverage directors, chefs, owners, and general managers at some of our favorite Resy restaurants what to drink with the briny bivalves they serve on ice — some with oyster specials you won’t want to miss.

Newly added to the list: Holiday Bar, Corner Bar, and Haenyeo.

Photo courtesy of Mar’s
Photo courtesy of Mar’s

Mar’s | Book Now

East Coast Oysters — 1/2 dozen: $24; a dozen: $46; oyster trio (12): $42

“At Mar’s we exclusively serve East Coast oysters ranging from the Mid-Atlantic up to New England and as far as Prince Edward Island in Canada,” says beverage director Artem Derkatch. “We select our seafood from purveyors who source their products directly from fisheries and oyster farms. Every day, we offer our patrons an oyster trio: It’s our chef’s choice of three types of oysters accompanied with three mignonettes and sliced lemons.”


Artem’s recommended drink pairings:

“When you’re about to dive into very good, fresh oysters it’s important to remember that, really, those little guys are the star of the show. I wouldn’t want a beverage pairing to bump elbows or take over. So from our list, assembled from my obsession with Old World wines, it would be this: By the glass, what you want is either the zippy bubbles in a Spanish cava, or the salinity and citrus from Greek moschofilero. But a dozen oysters often begs for a bottle of wine, and so I’d recommend a lesser-known varietal of white wine from the Loire Valley: Domaine de la Bregeonette Folle Blanche, which is tangy, salty, and just cuts like a knife.

“From our other libations, we pour a lot of German pilsner and stir up ice-cold martinis with celery gin from the Netherlands, pickled ramp brine, herbs de Provence, and kalamata olives.”


Happy Hour:

Oysters are $24 per dozen and $12 for a half dozen from 4 to 6 p.m. from Wednesday to Saturday and all day on Sunday.

Photos courtesy of Mollusca

Mollusca | Book Now

West or East coast oysters with mignonette — 1/2 dozen: $27. Mollusca Signature Oyster (black caviar, fresh uni, and mignonette) — $14 a piece.

For indulgent oysters with all the toppings, or simple raw beauties with mignonette, Mollusca has you covered. Occasionally, they’ll offer Kumamoto oysters from the Pacific. “They have a deep cup and are meaty, with an unmistakable ruffled shell. These have a sweetness and fruitful aroma with mild brine,” says director of operations Seth Bulkin.


Seth’s recommended drink pairings:

“The Mollusca Martini is best paired with the oysters because of the smokiness and floral aromas,” he says. “The gin used has citrus notes and enhances the fruitful nature of the Kumamotos. This would be best suited for our guests that enjoy a spirit-forward cocktail with their oysters. Another great option would be the Tequila Pineapple, for those who are looking for a more tropical experience. The pineapple juice is made fresh daily, and the ginger root is muddled for a nice spicy kick on the back end of the drink.”


Happy Hour:

Mollusca has $2 East Coast oysters available Monday through Friday from 4 to 6 p.m.

Holiday Bar | Book Now

Oysters with celery ponzu, grated daikon, horseradish or tabasco —  1/2 dozen: $24, dozen: $45

 “The oysters at Holiday Bar allow our guests to enjoy traditional accompaniments of horseradish & tabasco and/or our take on a refreshing twist,” says hospitality director Adil Fawzi. If you can swing it, we recommend enjoying them in one of the large round banquettes.


Adil’s recommended drink pairing:

“[The oysters pair] extraordinarily well with our Muscadet Domaine de la Pinardière. It’s available by the glass, and is crisp, light bodied, and dry, with melon, green apple and pear notes.”

Photo courtesy of Lighthouse
Photo courtesy of Lighthouse

Lighthouse | Book Now

Oysters with lemon mignonette and housemade hot sauce upon request — $3/piece

“We source our oysters from East Coast farms via Greenpoint Fish and Lobster, World’s Your Oyster, and directly from a few oyster farms,” says co-owner Naama Tamir. “Our oyster shells are picked up by The Billion Oyster Project (BOP) to be upcycled as water filtration systems and storm mitigating structures in the water. Lighthouse was one of the first BOP restaurant partners and supporters.”


Naama’s recommended drink pairing:

“Try the Mezcalito with mezcal, jalapeño, lime, and agave. It’s crispy, smoky and zippy. Or the Southside with gin, lemon, mint, and bubbles. It’s crisp, minty, and a palate cleanser. Oysters love a refreshing crisp palate cleanser and both cocktails offer that.”


Happy Hour:

Oysters are $1/piece from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on weekdays. On weekends, happy hour is from 4 to 6:30 p.m. The happy hour also includes $10 glasses of wine and $40 bottles (brut cava, white, orange, rosé), $8 beers, and a $10 daily cocktail.

Corner Bar | Book Now

Oysters with mignonette — 1/2 dozen: $29

“We use a variety of oysters, but predominantly they all come from Canada. Our favorite is lucky lime oysters from Prince Edward Island as they have the best of the West Coast and East Coast,” says executive chef Vincent D’Ambrosio.


Vincent’s recommended drink pairings:

“We actually are pairing our half-dozen oysters with a limited-edition Krug Grande Cuvée 169th Edition Champagne by the glass for a limited time.”

Photos courtesy of Flex Mussels

Flex Mussels | Book Now

Daily oyster selection – MP; roasted oysters with garlic breadcrumbs, herb butter, and parmesan – $27

“Flex works directly with oyster growers from Canada, the U.S. and away, showcasing a seasonal selection of the five species and merroir appellations that are grown in North America,” says Patrick McMurray, Flex Mussels oyster sommelier. “Every week, Flex will keep the list to a tight 10 starting with our house favorites: Lil’Sharkeys from PEI and Big Sisters from Maine. Every week, Flex will fill out the list from what the team knows are great, new, and rarely seen in New York City.”


Patrick’s recommended drink pairings:

“Rosé always makes for a perfect pair with oysters. Opt for the bottle especially if you’re sharing oysters amongst friends,” McMurray says. He adds, “If you want bubbles, go with the Cremant: the fine bubbles dance with the fresh oysters on your palate. For a cocktail, I’d choose a Pimm’s spritz. Pimm’s is a wonderful summertime beverage originally made by James Pimm, a London oyster shucker and bar owner who created it to go with his oysters in the 1840’s. For beer, I recommend wheat beers like the Port City Wit; they make for a light, crisp combination. And if you’re thinking of other liquor pairings, I’d go with whisky because the caramel malt and ocean salt sipped from the shell are delicious, and for gin because the juniper berry and herbaceous notes from gin match that of the subtle ocean green you’ll find in the paired oyster.”

Haenyeo | Book Now

Grilled Wellfleet oysters with seaweed butter and brioche — $20 (5 oysters)

Park Slope’s gem of a Korean restaurant Haenyeo serves NOLA-inspired grilled oysters. “Our oysters are from Wellfleet, Mass.; they are plump and juicy served with a side of Balthazar’s Bakery brioche toast to sop up any buttery and briny juices left from the oysters,” says owner and manager Terrence Segura.


Terrence’s recommended drink pairings:

“We recommend a chilled can of Makku makgeollii, a velvety, natural unfiltered rice beer. A light, slightly tart, slightly sweet from the naruk fermentation, a refreshing complement for these hot summer nights.”

Photos courtesy of Otway

Otway | Book Now

Oysters with seasonal mignonette — 1/2 dozen: $15 / Dozen: $30

“We source only East Coast oysters through Greenpoint Fish,” says owner Samantha Safer. “We always have a seasonal mignonette, which utilizes excess herbs and produce from our dinner menu.” The mignonette of the moment is rhubarb.


Samantha’s recommended drink pairing:

“Our first suggestion is always Pét-Nat! We offer a different Pét-Nat by the glass each night and think funky bubbles are always the most refreshing and fun pairing, especially during the hot (and unfortunately, very humid) summer months.


Happy Hour:

Oysters are $20/dozen Wednesday through Saturday from 4 to 6 p.m. The happy hour also includes the restaurant’s daily changing wines by the glass for $10, pints of beer for $5, and classic cocktails for $10, with $2 off house cocktails.

Photos courtesy of Maison Premiere

Maison Premiere | Book Now

No less than 12 oyster varieties — $1.75 to $4.50/piece

“We opened Maison Premiere about 10 years ago with the hope and ambition of having one of the largest oyster lists in New York,” says bar director and managing partner William Elliott. “We typically have between 20 to 25 different kinds of oysters coming from the east and west coasts both in Canada and the US, and occasionally New Zealand as well. We highlight independent farmers and we go directly to them. We’ve really developed working relationships with each of these farmers over the years.”


Pascal and William’s recommended drink pairings:

Service director Pascal Ferraguti Klaja explains, “At Maison Première, we love tradition, and nothing’s more beautifully traditional than the marriage of oysters and Muscadet. Clisson from Domaine de la Pépière is a rather dense wine marked by granite, both round and nicely mineral. With both East and West Coast oysters, it creates a classic pairing!”

On the cocktail side of things, we recommend something that is light and bright in profile, something citrusy and refreshing, like our Arnaud’s French 75. The only real exception to that being a classic martini, or our Old King Cole Martini stirred tableside. To me, the golden three are muscadet, martini, or Champagne.”

Photos by Evan Sung, courtesy of Hancock St

Hancock St | Book Now

East and West Coast oysters — $24 for 1/2 dozen

“I worked with Chris Quartuccio from Blue Island Shellfish to select the oysters we serve at Hancock St,” says chef and partner Ryan Schmidtberger. “Chris and I met when we opened Lure Fishbar back in 2004, and he is by far the best shellfish vendor in the country.

We chose Pink Moons from PEI because they hit the brackish and mineral flavor profile that pairs best with our housemade oyster sauces. Our plum wine mignonette’s sweetness contrasts with the brininess of the Pink Moon perfectly.

“Our West Coast oyster switches off between a Shubumi from Puget Sound and the Pebble Beach oyster from the Hood Canal. Its smaller size is ideal for a West Coast-style oyster, because the creaminess isn’t overwhelming. I recommend our serrano chile sauce with the Kusshi as the underlying cucumber notes cut the heat of the serrano chile. That sauce is a hit here on oysters and I also see guests heating up their smoked margaritas with it.”


Ryan’s recommended drink pairing:

“I will always recommend a crisp Old World-style pilsner with oysters. We are now serving Victory Prima Pils and in my opinion, this is the best pilsner made in the States that is in the style of the German pilsners, which pair so well with oysters because of the blend of hops that bring that citrus-lemony flavor to the table. We have a great Billecart-Salmon Champagne by the glass to pair if looking for something more traditional. All you need is a dollop of caviar…”

Photos by Evan Sung, courtesy of Dame

Dame | Book Now

Grilled oysters — $5/piece

“We visited Glidden Point in Maine last summer and loved their oysters so much that we convinced our seafood purveyor Liepper & Sons to start carrying them,” says owner Patricia Howard. “The oysters get grilled, topped with an herby hollandaise with green Chartreuse, then lit aflame with more Chartreuse tableside.”


Patricia’s recommended drink pairing:

A vesper martini.

Photos by Max Flatow and Grand Army

Grand Army | Book Now

Oysters — $4 to $4.50/piece

“Our oysters are farmed and harvested by Marcus Buffaloe, a local oyster farmer who began his business to help promote awareness of [what is] possibly the most sustainable seafood,” says chef Thom Chun. “They are harvested and delivered that same day, so we only serve the freshest oysters — their taste and texture are truly a cut above because of it. Our house oysters are Marcus Buffaloe’s Blue Points, which he lovingly named Baby Brielles after his daughter, who was born around the same time he began his business. They have a balanced profile with the brine, minerality, and texture that you’d hope to find in a classic East Coast oyster.”


Ally’s recommended drink pairing:

“For wine, the Cellar Pardas ‘Rupestres’ Xarel-lo is our current white by the glass and it’s light bodied, dry, and salty,” says beverage director Ally Marrone. Barraco ‘Biancammare’ Grillo, our other white by the glass option, has seaweed and minerality all the way in this crisp glass. On our bottle list, the Callejuela ‘Blanco de Hornillos’ Palomino was meant for oysters as it’s basically a Manzanilla sherry with a touch of nuttiness.”


Happy Hour:

Oysters are $25/dozen Monday through Friday from 5 to 6 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. The happy hour also includes $1 off draft beers and wines by the glass.

Photos by Adam Friedlander and Deanna Ting

Falansai | Book Now

East Coast oysters (8) with fish sauce mignonette — $20

The thrilling modern Vietnamese restaurant offers Widow’s Hole oysters from Greenport at the tip of North Fork. “Mike and Isabel Osinski run a family business with their kids,” says chef-owner Eric Tran. “Tastes like the ocean!”


Eric’s recommended drink pairing:

Castello di Stefanago ‘Amico Frizz’ 2019 from Lombardy, Italy. It’s 60% Riesling and 40% Chardonnay, dry, crisp, and fresh. After it pops open, you get seriously active bubbles and solid acidity. This wine oxidizes before your very eyes! Not in a bad way, it just gets different.”

Photos courtesy of Chez Ma Tante
Photo courtesy of Chez Ma Tante

Chez Ma Tante | Book Now

Oysters with peppercorn mignonette — $24

Brooklyn’s Chez Ma Tante runs a rotating mignonette on their oysters– pink peppercorn is the latest in a long line of hits.


Emma’s recommended drink pairing:

“Typically, a Loire Valley Muscadet from Domaine de l’Ecu is the classic oyster wine,” says general manager Emma Krautheim. For a cocktail, we’d recommend the Forthave Spritz, featuring Forthave Red aperitif, which is bitter and picks up the floral notes.”

Photos courtesy of Bar Bête

Bar Bête | Book Now

Island Creek Oysters — $4/piece

“We always source our oysters from Island Creek Oyster farms in Duxbury (Massachusetts),” says general manager Steven Kincade. “We generally request a small to medium oyster. For preparation, we present them with a fermented chili oil, which is a secondary product from a fermented chili paste we make in-house. The oysters are also dressed with a Meyer lemon mignonette.”


Steven’s recommended drink pairing:

“As a wine-focused bar program, we would suggest a bright white with high acidity and a little brininess. Our current favorite would be the Le Vignes de Paradis, Chasselas de Marin from Savoie, France — it’s so delicious! Or… there’s always a cold Miller High Life!”

Photos courtesy of Jeffrey’s Grocery

Jeffrey’s Grocery | Book Now

Today’s oysters: 1/2 dozen: $22, 1 dozen: $42; Small-batch oysters: 1/2 dozen: $26, 1 dozen: $48

“We feature small to medium oysters from Oysterpond in New York. It’s a savory oyster with a refreshingly tannic, cast iron bite. They have an oceanic salinity,” says executive chef and partner Matt Griffin. “We usually have six to seven varieties in the house and rotate the selections throughout the day.  Jeffrey’s is proud to offer our own oyster variety, Lil’ Waves, which is harvested weekly from farmer Phil in Orient Point, New York.”


Paulo and Ren’s recommended drink pairing:

General manager Paulo Rodriguez and beverage director Ren Neuman recommend something ice cold. “We like the Weingut Schlossmühlenhof ‘Pinke Pinke’ rosé from Rheinhessen, Germany. It’s very nuanced with bright acidity. Or grab a refresher from the bar, like our TY Dolla $ign, a great tiki cocktail that is a variation on a three dots and a dash. And you can’t argue with an ice cold can of crushable pilsner like Talea’s Al Dente, from a woman-founded brewery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.”


Happy Hour:

$1.50 per oyster Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., featuring an ever-changing variety of cold-water Atlantic oysters.

Photos courtesy of Victor

Victor | Book Now

Roasted oysters (4) — $16

“Our oysters are rotating East Coast oysters, and they are roasted in our wood oven with merguez sausage, breadcrumbs, and lemon,” says general manager Dylan Wells.


Dylan’s recommended drink pairing:

“I would recommend a soft, round expression of a skin contact wine, something with the depth and texture to match the merguez sausage, but with the lift and acidity to complement the oyster. Our Colicchio Delica Bianco, a skin-contact malvasia from Lazio, Italy, fits the bill perfectly.”

Photos courtesy of Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co.

Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. | Book Now

East Coast oysters — 1/2 dozen: $19; West Coast oysters — 1/2 dozen: $24

An industry favorite (everyone from Di An Di’s Kim Hoang to the eponymous Emily of Emily Pizza and Emmy Squared goes there), Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. has some of the best bivalves in town. “They’re just really fresh,” says co-owner Peter Juusola, who reminds that the restaurant offers half a dozen East Coast oysters for $12 all the time.


Peter’s recommended drink pairing:

Txakoli rosé or cava.