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The 10 Restaurants That Defined Dining in L.A. This Year


We asked our contributors to the Resy Hit List to share their top dining experiences in their cities this year — 10 restaurants that are helping to define the state of great dining right now. Please welcome back our Best of The Hit List for 2023. (You can find other cities’ top picks here.)

As 2023 comes to a wrap, it’s time to consider the state of L.A. dining this year. Let’s first take a moment to consider the cards we were dealt: inflation rates were through the roof and Hollywood was on strike for much of the year, Still, plenty of restaurants made their mark.

New arrivals, like Junya Yamasaki’s progressive Japanese restaurant Yess and the European nighttime cafe Stir Crazy offered a fresh perspective, while rebirths, revivals, and follow-ups were dominant themes. Baroo returned. La Dolce Vita reopened. And a handful of successful sophomore efforts, such as Queen St. (from the Found Oyster crew) and Isla (by the Crudo e Nudo family), made their successful debuts.

Seafood was rampant, California ingredients were cooked over wood fire, and tasting menus were all the rage — along with, yes, more wine bars. (Some of which we loved!).

Here, then, are the 10 Los Angeles restaurants that made this year one to remember.