Photo courtesy of Young Joni

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The 10 Restaurants That Defined Minneapolis Dining in 2023


We asked our contributors to the Resy Hit List to share their top dining experiences in their cities this year — 10 restaurants that are helping to define the state of great dining right now. Please welcome back our Best of The Hit List for 2023. (You can find other cities’ top picks here.)

Looking back, it seems like 2023 could be the year that the Twin Cities’ restaurant scene really got its groove back after the pandemic. Two of our biggest chefs — Daniel del Prado and Ann Ahmed — opened what could arguably be the buzziest local restaurants of the year (Porzana and Gai Noi, respectively). Other young guns, like Owamni by the Sioux Chef, Mara, and Billy Sushi, kept growing in popularity and acclaim.

And don’t forget the stalwarts, those longer-tenured spots that only seem to get better as they get older. Time has done nothing to dim the impact (or make reservations easier to get) at top tables like Bar La Grassa, Young Joni, and Meritage.

As we count down to the new year, it’s time to celebrate these 10 restaurants that make our cities even stronger — and define the way we dine today.