Photo courtesy of Drusie & Darr

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The 10 Restaurants That Defined Nashville Dining in 2023


We asked our contributors to the Resy Hit List to share their top dining experiences in their cities this year — 10 restaurants that are helping to define the state of great dining right now. Please welcome back our Best of The Hit List for 2023. (You can find other cities’ top picks here.)

The restaurant scene in Nashville continues to be red-hot, with old favorites like Margot Cafe & Bar and Husk remaining relevant and essential parts of the community, while newcomers like Kisser, Maíz de la Vida, and Drusie & Darr push the goal posts of culinary excellence further down the field.

Who are the winners in this pitched battle for restaurant greatness? Nashville diners, of course. Your reward is to have great venues like the 10 we’ve named below, each of them all-stars worth, and all of them helping to shape the way Nashville — and our visitors — are dining right now.