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All Cities: The Hit List

The Hit ListAtlanta

The November Hit List: Boxcar, Rock Steady, and More

The holiday season is upon us and as it comes, restaurants throughout the metro Atlanta area continue to roll on…


Lettuce-wrapped barbecue at Meet Korean.

The Hit ListSeattle

The November Hit List: Meet Korean, JuneBaby, Secret Congee, and More

As the weather cools down, it’s  likely we’ll all get a bit of cabin fever and feel the urge to…


Trays at Oma's Takeaway.

The Hit ListPortland

The November Hit List: Oma’s Takeaway, Dame, Paley’s Place, Drink Mamey, and More

Somehow, it’s already November. As days shorten in Portland, temperatures drop and the rain settles in for winter, menus switch…


Courtesy Fox & the Knife

The Hit ListBoston

The November Hit List: Sarma, Atlántico, Fox & the Knife, Vincent’s, and More

Yes, the weather may be cooling, and our extended patio season is drawing to a close, but there’s still plenty…


The hearth is back as Henrietta Red returns to full service.

The Hit ListNashville

The November Hit List: The Continental, Henrietta Red, Yolan, Hathorne, and More

November is here, the leaves are falling, and it’s time to grab a sweater for that patio dining. Nashville’s restaurants…


The Hit ListSan Francisco

The November Hit List: Protege, Angler, Iyasare, Pizza Place, and More

It’s November. It’s fall. Does time even exist anymore? It’s hard to tell. But two truths do exist: We’re still…


Cheese and charcuterie at Vinoteca Poscol.

The Hit ListHouston

The November Hit List: Pondicheri, Vinoteca Poscol, Better Luck Tomorrow, and More

November is the best of months in Houston: Hurricane season is behind us, sweater weather has finally arrived, and while…


Courtesy Moon Rabbit

The Hit ListWashington D.C.

The November Hit List: Moon Rabbit, The Royal, Jam Doung Style, and More

Here’s to riding out patio season as long as we can, and hoping we all can find a moment to…


The ribeye steak at Keepers LA.

The Hit ListLos Angeles

The November Hit List: Damian, Angler, Eszett, Keepers LA, and More

The biggest surprise for Los Angeles’ fall dining season during a pandemic isn’t that we’re still dining outside. It’s that…


Niu B's "cherry blossom," with avocado wrapped around spicy tuna.

The Hit ListChicago

The November Hit List: Queen Mary’s Tavern, Evette’s, Reclaimed, Niu B, and More

To help stem the fall wave of COVID-19, the city of Chicago and suburban Cook County once again announced the…


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