2022 was the year of the wine bar in New York. Photo courtesy of Place des Fêtes

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The 10 Restaurants That Defined New York Dining in 2022 


In a strong year for dining, what were the absolute standouts?  We asked our contributors to the Resy Hit List to share their top 10 dining experiences from this year in their city — restaurants and meals that left an impression, and helped to define the state of American dining right now. Please welcome back our Best of The Hit List for 2022. (You can find other cities’ top picks here.)

If last year was one of recovery for New York’s restaurants, this was the year when things started to (almost) feel normal again. All that time spent dealing with pandemic-related restrictions and parameters gave chefs a chance to reflect on what it was they really wanted to do next, and for many, that amounted to some of the most exciting — and personal — restaurants we’ve seen in years

2022 was the year, after all, when many cuisines with historically limited interpretations in New York found their platforms, often through a very personal lens. To dine in New York this year was a true cultural exchange: It was listening to Ayo Balogun discuss his heartfelt Nigerian tasting menu over at Dept. of Culture in Bed-Stuy. It was digging into a steaming clay pot of hilsa fish roe —  one of any number of truly novel dishes at Masalawala & Sons in Park Slope. It was trying to get your hands on a coveted order of Wenwen’s BDSM (brined, deboned, soy milk) fried chicken. It was snagging a seat at the Shukette counter. It was all of that, and so much more.

Here’s a look at the most memorable New York dining experiences of 2022, and wishing for many more in the year ahead.