Credit: Meredith Jenks


What We Miss Most: A Resy Tribute to Restaurants We Love


If you’re the way we are here at Resy, you’ve been thinking every day about your favorite restaurants. Yes, there’s plenty of takeout and delivery to enjoy, groceries and wine to buy, and other ways to support the places we love. But nothing beats the experience of being there, enjoying the dishes you adore.

We’ve compiled a list of favorite things about dining in many of our cities — reminders of what we’re looking forward to enjoying again soon.







Los Angeles

New Orleans

New York

Portland, OR

San Francisco/Bay Area



Washington DC

  Contributors: Jordan Andersen, Isabella Andres, Lana Auerbach, Lena Baker, Jamie Beran, Jon Bonné, Tania Bou Samra, Johnny Brissenden, Julia Campbell, Noëmie Carrant, Kai Chang, Liz Cheever, Hels Cheung, Cynthia Correa, Vince D’Angelo, Joel Darling, Camille de Vion de Gaillon, Juliana Dutan, Kaylin Foard, James Fordham, Caryn Ganeles, Ariana Garza, Tess Gostfrand, Mike Griffin, Alex Johnson, Amanda Kaderavek, Hannah Kelly, Koffi Kpetigo, Alex Larson, Caitlin Lauer, Gustave Lavallee, Vanessa Leitman, Lala Liban, Paolo Lucchesi, Ria Mar-Far, Liz Mendez, Natasha Miller, Anne-Marie Morrell, Madison Nadeau, Samuel Parker, David Paw, Marissa Rinderman, Pete Schaaf, Jennifer Shu, Dana Strauss, Molly Tavoletti, Cait Teegarden, Tracey Thaler, Deanna Ting, Stephen Troiano, Julie Waters, Julien Wormser, Lauren Young, Anna Zhang. Edited by: Jon Bonné, Noëmie Carrant, Paolo Lucchesi, David Paw, Deanna Ting.