The start to every great meal: Fox & the Knife’s broccoli Caesar.


What We Miss Most: The Boston Edition


If you’re the way we are here at Resy, you’ve been spending the past weeks thinking every day about your favorite restaurants. What do we miss most about them? What are we most looking forward to returning to, as they begin to fully reopen for dining? Yes, there’s plenty of takeout and delivery to enjoy, and lots of other ways to support the restaurants we love. But nothing beats the experience of being in a restaurant, enjoying the dishes you adore.

We’ve compiled a list of favorite things about dining in Boston we’re hoping to get back so soon.

  1. Weekend dim sum brunch and date-night visits to Myers + Chang.
  2. The obligatory baked Alaska at the end of a meal at Oleana.
  3. The fresh Duxbury oysters and the deep Champagne list at Island Creek Oyster Bar.
  4. Sharing dreams with strangers at Yume Wo Katare after polishing off one of the best bowls of Jiro-style ramen the East Coast has to offer.
  5. Crushing a Shojonator — the stacked burger on a bao bun that has toppled even the bold — to the soothing sounds of Wu-Tang Clan at Shōjō.

    [caption id="attachment_12440" align="alignnone" width="550"] The baked Alaska at Oleana // Photo Courtesy Oleana[/caption]


  7. The fried meatballs and natural-wine selection at Pammy’s.
  8. Starting dinner at Fox & the Knife with a negroni at the bar, before easing into the broccoli Caesar.
  9. Being so full but not able to resist yet another order of table-side dishes at Sarma.
  10. Living your best French life with the cheesy onion soup, coq au vin, and genuinely warm service at Petit Robert Bistro.
  11. The fact that every table at Gourmet Dumpling House is always covered with steaming baskets of xiao long bao.
  12. The smells emanating from the open kitchen at Field & Vine as you sip on a glass of orange wine.
  13. The cumbia playlist that sets the mood for non-stop pisco cocktails and ceviche at Celeste.
  14. Rolling the mystery cocktail dice at the bar at Parla.
  15. The unparalleled Shared Supper, or a deep dive into New England's culinary history, at Loyal Nine.
  16. The fried chicken and Friday night crowd at State Park.

    [caption id="attachment_12441" align="alignnone" width="550"] The Shojonator at Shōjō// Photo Courtesy Shōjō[/caption]


  18. The most perfect bagel breakfast spread at Mamaleh's.
  19. A frozen mudslide at The Automatic's retro-kitsch bar.
  20. Chowing down on Pho Viet's crumbly banh mi at Super 88.
  21. Tackling the deliciously crispy and fatty pig's head for two at Craigie on Main.
  22. Feeling cozy with poutine and terrine at Café du Pays.