Photo Courtesy Han Oak


What We Miss Most: The Portland Edition


If you’re the way we are here at Resy, you’ve been spending the past weeks thinking every day about your favorite restaurants. What do we miss most about them? What are we most looking forward to returning to, as they begin to fully reopen for dining? Yes, there’s plenty of takeout and delivery to enjoy, groceries and wine to buy, and lots of other ways to support the restaurants we love. But nothing beats the experience of being in a restaurant, enjoying the dishes you adore.

We’ve compiled a list of favorite things about dining in Portland we’re hoping to get back to soon.

  1. The perfectly blistered Pig & Pineapple pizza at Apizza Scholls.
  2. Tinned fish and pét-nat at natural wine haven Sardine Head.
  3. The gnocco fritto at Ava Gene’s, two pillows of airy, fried dough that come with ribbons of melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto.
  4. Sipping deeply peated whisky at Scotch Lodge, and happily forgetting what time of day it is.
  5. Trekking out to Hollywood over the weekend for Gado Gado and finding any excuse to eat there as many times as possible.

    The gnocco fritto at Ava Gene’s // Photo Courtesy Ava Gene’s


  7. Entering the courtyard at Han Oak, and delighting in everything they send your way.
  8. The smoked and crispy San Antonio chicken at Bullard, followed by a post-meal spritz at Abigail Hall.
  9. The perfect hybrid that is Malka’s matzo ball khao soi. It works.
  10. A glass of somaek (Korea’s favorite boozy drink: beer with a shot of soju) and the golden-era hip hop beats playing at Revelry.
  11. Pancakes at Coquine on a weekday, just ‘cause.

    The surprisingly boozy somaek at Revelry // Photo Courtesy Revelry


  13. All of the Georgian wines at Bar Norman, and tipsily heading home with a couple of bottles to-go.
  14. An absolutely necessary nightcap at Pepe Le Moko, with some corn nuts for good measure.
  15. The unbeatable happy hour, helmed by the unbeatable Jimmy tending the bar at RingSide Steakhouse.
  16. Waiting for a delayed train at Union Station at Wilfs, sipping one last beer to live music.
  17. The pork steak, the white curry with brisket burnt ends, and some of the best people running the show at eem.
  18. Ending the night at La Moule, with a glass of Elisir Novasalus, neat, and some moules-frites, of course.