How to Help Your Favorite Restaurants — Right Now


Now is the time to support the restaurants you love. Nearly all small businesses are reeling from the coronavirus pandemic — diners, bistros, taquerias, four-star destinations, bakeries, izakayas, breweries. Restaurants have always been there for you; it’s now time to rally for them. Here are some ways to do that.

Check in on your favorite restaurants directly.

Each business is a little different, so make the effort to see how they are asking for help. That could mean a direct call, or simply checking a website or Instagram page, or even sliding into their DMs. (For example, an increasing number of restaurants are raising funds for employees.)

To help connect diners with restaurants’ needs, Resy venue pages now include links for ways to directly support restaurants, be it GoFundMe and Gift Cards, or Caviar and Toast.

Make your voice heard. Contact your representatives.

Many restaurants will not be able to survive this crisis without sweeping aid from federal, state and city governments. 

Make donations.

Order takeout and delivery.

Many restaurants across the country are trying to stay open with new delivery and takeout services. It’s unknown how long this forced experiment will be sustainable, but in the short-term, many are hoping it can keep the lights on. 

Resy City Guides to Takeout and Delivery: We’ve compiled map-based lists in many major markets of Resy restaurants that have shifted to takeout and delivery options. 

Other great local guides from around the country can be had from local media outlets such as:

Find other ways to give restaurants money. 

Gift certificates: Many restaurants are offering some type of gift certificates via various platforms.

Products and Merchandise: If your favorite restaurant sells t-shirts or pantry items like hot sauce or jams, chances are you can buy them now. Wine bundles for a cause are being offered, too. (Some other outlets have some great collections, too.) 

Just a few of our favorites:

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