What We Miss Most: The Sydney Edition


If you’re the way we are here at Resy, you’ve been spending the past few weeks thinking every day about your favourite restaurants. What do we miss most about them? What are we most looking forward to returning to? Yes, there’s plenty of takeaway and delivery to enjoy, groceries and wine to buy, and lots of other ways to support the restaurants we love. But nothing beats the experience of being in a restaurant, enjoying the dishes you adore.

We’ve compiled a list of favourite things about dining in Sydney we’re hoping to get back to down the line.

    1. Tacos washed down with bottomless drinks at Sonora.
    2. Coffee, croissants and chats on milk crates on Friday mornings at Iggy's.
    3. When there's a nightclub beneath your dining room -- where else but The Prince of York?
    4. Settling down to Poly’s epic wine list, with its focus on the avant-garde (Commune of Buttons) and pros to help you choose.
    5. Champagne and oysters, with spectacular views from The Catch’s dining room. 
    6. Arthur’s relaxed dining room and tasting menu.  [caption id="attachment_12478" align="alignnone" width="500"] The view from Sean Moran's dining room at Sean's Panorama.[/caption]
    1. Making way through the crowds to get an ice-cream cone of the ever-changing wacky and wonderful flavours at Gelato Messina.
    2. Inexpensive Italian feasts and BYO wine with big group of friends at Bar Reggio
    3. Japanese dishes you can't recreate at Toko, izakaya-style.
    4. Picnics at Mrs. Macquarie's Chair, looking out at the harbour.
    5. The Gidley’s perfectly balanced martinis, with an array of garnishes.
    6. Smashing garlic bread in the DJ booth at Don Peppino’s. 
    7. At Sean’s Panaroma, the outstanding farmer's plate and views of North Bondi.
    8. The perfectly paced tasting menu (especially the duck!) at Sixpenny.
    9. Smashing wines from the Italian-minded list at 10 William Street on a Friday afternoon (or any day, really). 
    10. Salt and pepper tofu with Fei Jai spice mix, and hanging outdoors on Challis Avenue on a balmy Sydney night.
    11. Brunch at Silly Tart Kitchen.
    12. Pippies and 360 dining at XOPP.
    13. Corn fritters with avocado and a view of the ocean at Three Blue Ducks Bronte.
    14. Anchovies and freshly baked house focaccia from Ode.  [caption id="attachment_12480" align="alignnone" width="500"] XO Pippies at XOPP.[/caption]
  1. The Bloodwood chickpea pancake and fried chicken at this Newtown local.
  2. A summer night at Peppe’s, a bottle of Giovanni Armani's Giorgio Bianco Superiore from the Barossa, and a plate of spaghetti aglio a olio. (Peep the playlist here).
  3. Craft beer, The Rocks history, and trivia at Hart’s Pub
  4. Boon Cafe’s superb Thai breakfasts and pandan croissants.
  5. Seats at the sushi bar after a dip at Manly at Sunset Sabi.
  6. Grandma (Cubby’s) recipes upheld by three generations of recipe-keepers at Cubby’s Kitchen. (Falafel is a vibe). 
  7. A bowl of pasta and the warmest hospitality at Bondi Trattoria.
  8. Pasticceria Papa’s baked ricotta cheesecake and coffee (Note: they're still open).