That natural light at The London Plane.


What We Miss Most: The Seattle Edition


If you’re the way we are here at Resy, you’ve been spending the past weeks thinking every day about your favorite restaurants. What do we miss most about them? What are we most looking forward to returning to, as they begin to fully reopen for dining? Yes, there’s plenty of takeout and delivery to enjoy, groceries and wine to buy, and lots of other ways to support the restaurants we love. But nothing beats the experience of being in a restaurant, enjoying the dishes you adore.

We’ve compiled a list of favorite things about dining in Seattle we’re hoping to get back so soon.

  1. Starting the day with the kouign-amann and coffee from the London Plane.
  2. Catching the tail end of fig season at Hitchcock, with the side bonus of a trip to Bainbridge.
  3. Cocktails at the bar at Pho Bac Sup Shop, for refreshment as you polish off your short-rib pho.
  4. The Mountaineering Club, because, rooftop s’mores.
  5. The omakase at Nishino, which after two decades remains a benchmark for extraordinary sushi. Alternately, the omakase at Sushi Kashiba. Because much the same, we appreciate how much sushi in Seattle hinges on Shiro Kashiba’s long career.
  6. The all-things-natural approach at Lupo: natural wines like The Marigny’s carbonic pinot noir, paired to go with naturally leavened pizzas.
  7. The oysters, sure, but more to the point: mussel stew and a glass of Muscadet at the Walrus & the Carpenter bar.
  8. A perfect order at Junebaby — the fried turkey leg, dirty rice, and a Flip, followed by a cocktail next door at Lucinda.
  9. Saturday prix fixe at the Corson Building, the very essence of Seattle dining, with all that local bounty on the place. (And always, that space!)

    One of the naturally leavened pies at Lupo.


  11. The roast-chicken banh mi ga from Saigon Deli, still the reference for lunches along Jackson Street.
  12. The catfish claypot at Monsoon, a dish that remains at the heart of Sophie and Eric Banh’s Viet-Northwest restaurant empire.
  13. A damp night in Ballard, warmed with a bowl of pozole from La Carta de Oaxaca.
  14. The pork-collar pastrami at Lady Jaye.
  15. The pita to beat all pitas at Homer, and of course soft-serve ice cream to go.
  16. Properly tucking into Mike Easton’s pastas at Il Nido, with Alki a stone’s throw away.
  17. Wonderfully esoteric wine selections from Kathryn Olson, to go with L’Oursin‘s beautifully crafted plates. Or diving into all the French things at Le Caviste, starting with Beaujolais from the chalkboard.
  18. Joule‘s kalbi-style burger, at happy hour — or anytime.
  19. The dry-fried chicken, the cumin lamb, the crysanthemum salad at Plenty of Clouds, with its celebration of Yunnan and Szechuan. Or heading to the I.D. for Luosifen, and its focus on the noodles of Guangxi.
  20. Sharing a bottle of wine at the bar at Canlis.
  21. Actually enjoying a Dick’s Deluxe in person, off the grill and freshly wrapped.

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