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Steakhouses These Days

Trends come and go. Green juice and plant-based and the other white meat have all had their day. And yet, somehow, the steakhouse lives on as an American institution.

Is it nostalgia? An unspeakable magnetism toward red meat? The pleasure of the primal? Whatever the reason, steakhouses across the country are both thriving and evolving. The old mahogany and brass rails and rosters of California Cabernet endure, but today they're being matched by rustic wood tables and Insta-nooks and lists full of natural wine.

There is, in other words, a steakhouse today for anyone who wants to join in. Come along as we discover some of the most interesting ones, from coast to coast.

Resy FeaturesNational

Five Ways to Understand the Steakhouse of Today

Among the perennial restaurant trends greeted by the ritual spilling of ink by legions of food writers, the return of…


No one likes dry baked goods, and it’s the same for steak. Sarah Welch, ‘The Pefect Steak?’


A spread of dishes from Gus's Chop House

GuidesNew York

The Ultimate Guide to New York’s Great Steakhouses

New York has always been a steakhouse town but, like the city itself, the steakhouse has seen its share of…


GuidesLos Angeles

The Resy Guide to L.A.’s Standout Steakhouses

In typically freewheeling California fashion, L.A. has its own take on the steakhouse scene, eschewing green juice-swilling stereotypes and delivering…



The Ultimate Guide to Chicago’s Steakhouses

Call Chicago a meat-and-potatoes town if you must. We know we’ve moved beyond the stereotype with our world-class restaurants, innovative…



The Resy Guide to Miami Steakhouses, From Classic to New Guard

When it comes to satiating even the largest appetites, there is an unmatched satisfaction to cutting into a perfectly prepared…



Ten Essential Atlanta Steakhouses, From Classic to Modern

If you’re looking for a good steak, stop here.  By “here” we mean Atlanta, because the city is primed with sensational…



The Resy Guide to Charleston Steakhouses

There aren’t many better nights out than a self-paced, comfortable steak dinner. In the Charleston area, it can be indulgent…


A steak at Wicked Butcher.


The Resy Guide to Steakhouses in Dallas – Fort Worth

Whether it’s the singular vibe or simply the meat, steakhouses always seem to be synonymous with celebration, with special nights…


Steak at Izzy's.

InterviewsSan Francisco

In a Changing City, Izzy’s Steakhouse Remains a Constant

Izzy’s Steakhouse has been serving up San Franciscans big thick cuts of blackened steaks and hearty sides of creamed spinach…


The One Who Keeps the BookPhiladelphia

How to Get Into Philadelphia’s Most Sought-After Steakhouse

Sometimes you just need a classic steakhouse experience. We’re talking leather booths, dark wood paneling, and dry-aged beef sliced tableside.…


The tomahawk at Halls Chophouse.

The One Who Keeps the BookCharleston

How to Get Into Halls Chophouse, and What to Order Once You’re There

It doesn’t quite seem right that Halls Chophouse only opened in 2009. No, the vaunted steakhouse feels like it’s been a…



One Great ListChicago

How Boeufhaus Brings the Steakhouse Wine List Into the Modern Era

One Great List is Resy’s occasional tribute to particularly noteworthy or unique wine programs around the country.    In a city…


InterviewsLos Angeles

How American Beauty Redefined the Steakhouse, L.A.-Style

It’s a breezy Saturday night in Venice, and the patio at American Beauty is packed. Diners crowd into the outdoor…


The space is dark — you won’t be looking out any windows — and the overarching atmosphere is that of a place that’s both hidden and energetic. Think of it like the city’s hottest underground nightclub that serves bone-in prime rib. Inside the ’80s Glam of Miami’s Dirty French Steakhouse
A spread of dishes from Gus's Chop House

The RundownNew York

Everything You Need to Know about Gus’s Chop House

The words “chop house” and “New York” might bring to mind martinis, white tablecloths, and expense accounts, but Gus’s Chop…


The current-day Gage & Tollner dining room. // Photo courtesy of Gage & Tollner; historical photos courtesy of the Brooklyn Historical Society

The ClassicsNew York

The Long Road to Gage & Tollner’s Once-and-Again Return

Historically, there are no second acts for famous New York restaurants. Rector’s, Mama Leone’s, The Colony, The Quilted Giraffe’s, Maxwell’s…


Why We GoLos Angeles

Dinner at The Hotel Bev Wil, by Roxane Gay

For our second date, my now wife Debbie and I went to CUT Steakhouse at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills.…



Resy SpotlightLos Angeles

An Oral History of Dear John’s, and Its Limited-Time Comeback

Named after the late golden age actor Johnny Harlowe — its original proprietor — Dear John’s  opened in 1962, was famously…


The outside of Raoul's in Soho

The ClassicsNew York

As Soho’s Iconic Raoul’s Expands, a Look at What Keeps It a Classic

“Without atmosphere, a painting is nothing,” Rembrandt once said. Some would say the same about a signature dish at a…


The ClassicsNew York

The Most Amazing Things Can Happen After a Meal at Sparks

When I bought the lease for my first restaurant, Union Square Cafe on East 16th Street, I made the deal with a…


Keens Steakhouse

The ClassicsNew York

Even 135 Years After Opening, There’s No Dining Room Quite Like Keens

The Martini was perfect — cold, strong, and large. The shrimp cocktail was textbook, the shrimp big and firm, the cocktail…