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The Resy Guide to L.A.’s Standout Steakhouses


In typically freewheeling California fashion, L.A. has its own take on the steakhouse scene, eschewing green juice-swilling stereotypes and delivering a wealth of excellent red meat, in flavors and forms that reflect the diversity of the city itself. 

Steakhouses of yore – dark, brooding, meat and potatoes places with white linens and long lists of hearty reds – have their place, but a new breed of steakhouses and steak restaurants (as some prefer to be called) are forgoing old tropes for more unique cuts, international cooking techniques, and less formal atmospheres.

The classics will always be the classics, and the list below pays proper homage to L.A.’s vintage steak spots, but climbing the ranks are some innovative newcomers that playfully reimagine what a steakhouse can be. Here’s a guide to some of our favorites.

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