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Los Angeles

The Resy Guide to Splurge-Worthy Dining in Los Angeles

Finding the right special occasion restaurant can be a confounding process in Los Angeles, a city with many splurge-y spots…



The Resy Guide to the Must-Eat Dishes of Miami

There’s something about being in Miami that makes people want to go big: order the deluxe seafood tower, splurge for…


The fish-sauce wings at Ca Phe Da have quickly entered the canon. // Photo by Jaclyn Rivas


The Resy Guide to the New Classic Dishes of Chicago

When iTunes began selling 99-cent songs, album purists decried the move as the end of the music experience as we…



The Best of The Hit Lists in 2021, From Coast to Coast

If anything could have been more surreal for restaurants than 2020, it was this year — with its bounce from…

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Bustling Cervo's in New York, NY on July 28th, 2022.

New York

The Resy Guide to New York’s Essential Cozy Locales

If there’s one thing that November invariably brings, it’s the fact that the real cold days have arrived, and there’s…



The Resy Guide to Boston’s Essential Cozy Locales

You may have already felt it: The first chill of the year, and the kind that has you running for…



The Essential Spots For Colorado Mountain Dining, Summer 2023 Edition

While it’s technically the off-season for ski resorts, there’s much to love about a summer trip to the Colorado mountains…


San Francisco

The Resy Guide to Can’t-Miss Dining in Sacramento

Sacramento hasn’t always been top of the list for dining destinations, but look a bit closer, and you might be…


Photo courtesy of Market Restaurant + Bar

Los AngelesSan Diego

The Essential Spots to Dine in San Diego

With miles and miles of ocean coastline, it’d be easy to see San Diego as just another pretty surf town.…


Photo courtesy of Bludorn


Xin Chao, Bludorn, Yelo, and More: Houston Dining’s Best in 2021

Despite an ongoing pandemic and the closure of some much-beloved restaurants, it’s still been quite a thrilling time for Houston’s…


Photo courtesy of Meridian


Roots Southern Table, Meridian, and More: Dallas Dining’s Best in 2021

Dining out in Dallas-Fort Worth has always been an event, but even more so this year amid the pandemic. A…


The lamb shoulder at Zahav: Philly's new icon. // Courtesy of Zahav


Seven Dishes That Define Philadelphia: A Resy Guide

When it comes to a signature food, Philadelphia is easily best known for the cheesesteak. From corner store delis to…


Ronan has reconceived the calzone in homage to L.A. // Courtesy of Ronan

Los Angeles

The Resy Guide to the New Classic Dishes of Los Angeles

What makes a dish essential to Los Angeles? Not just how it looks or tastes, but also where it sits…


The tomato tarte tatin at FIG. // Photo courtesy of FIG


The Resy Guide to the New Classic Dishes of Charleston

Charleston for centuries has been an excellent place to eat, but for most of its history, the best meals were…


Credit: Molly Tavoletti for Resy

New York

The Resy Guide to Flushing Chinatown, By Those Who Love It Best

The Queens neighborhood of Flushing, and its Chinatown, have been in flux for a lot longer than the pandemic. Over…


Los Angeles

Eight Restaurants That Tell the Story of the San Gabriel Valley

Boba shops on every street? Yes. Sichuan peppercorns that leave your tongue numb and on fire? Check. Singaporean Hainan Chicken…