The lamb shoulder at Zahav: Philly's new icon. // Courtesy of Zahav
The lamb shoulder at Zahav: Philly’s new icon. Photo courtesy of Zahav


Seven Dishes That Define Philadelphia: A Resy Guide


When it comes to a signature food, Philadelphia is easily best known for the cheesesteak. From corner store delis to near-century-old pioneers, there’s a seemingly never-ending slate of outposts making a memorable version of the shaved beef sandwich. And while it may be the most iconic, and it’s certainly the most hotly debated — forget just Pat’s or Geno’s, there are dozens, if not hundreds of places that vie for the title of Philly’s best — the cheesesteak is far from our only signature food.

Indeed, there are a host of dishes that put this city on the culinary map. Some have been staples since the influx of Italian immigrants in the late 19th century, and some have emerged over the last few decades, representing a new guard in the city’s dining revival, while cementing Philly as one of the most exciting places to eat in America.

From old-school red gravy to a legendary lamb taco, here are our picks for seven dishes that define Philadelphia today.