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The Resy Guide to Splurge-Worthy Dining in Los Angeles

Finding the right special occasion restaurant can be a confounding process in Los Angeles, a city with many splurge-y spots…

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Rediscovering a Knife, and a Legacy, at Anajak Thai

A yanagiba, which translates to “willow leaf blade,” is a long, slender knife from Sakai, Japan, prized by sushi chefs…


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The Resy Guide to Every Type of Dim Sum in L.A.

Dim sum in greater Los Angeles is an ever-evolving conversation. While classics like Monterey Park’s NBC Seafood have kept their…


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How Sunny Jang Finesses Korean Pub Food at Tokki, in Five Dishes

Seoul’s pocha-style pubs are casual, low-key spots usually reserved for late-night pit-stops after bar hopping. Inspired by pojangmacha, tent bars…


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How Hanchic Adds an Edge to Korean Tradition, As Seen Through Five Dishes

Kyungbin Min excels at experimentation, so the curveball of the pandemic sent him into a spiral — a positive one…


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At the Heart of L.A., Harold and Belle’s Preserves a Legacy and Looks Ahead

Ryan Legaux says that he’s probably eaten more po’ boys than most people alive. Having at least three or four…