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Resy’s Thanksgiving Tips, From Our Favorite Restaurants


To help celebrate the holiday season, we’re turning to the experts. We asked some of our favorite Resy chefs and restaurateurs for their best Thanksgiving entertaining tips, from cooking to cocktails.

How to Make Vegetables That Can Compete With Turkey

Dirt Candy chef and owner Amanda Cohen wants vegetables to take the centerstage. // Photo Courtesy of Dirt Candy

New York vegetarian stalwart Dirt Candy proves that that vegetables can — and should — have a leading role in all meals, whether big or small. Here, chef-owner Amanda Cohen shares her tips (and recipes!) to successfully pull off a less carnivorous, but just as decadent, Thanksgiving feast.

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How to Make Desserts Like the Country’s Top Pastry Chefs

Learn from the best: Akira Akuto and Nick Montgomery of Konbi. Photo: Alicia Cho/Konbi

Acclaimed pastry chefs from The Grey in Savannah (Ga.) and Konbi and Huckleberry, both in Los Angeles, share their favorite professional baking tips and techniques for holiday baking at home. These top pastry chefs are sharing all their secrets, like investing in a digital scale and adding grains to your pie crusts … as well as their recipes for their award-winning cookies, brownies, and desserts.

How to Entertain Like Your Favorite Restaurants

Baking your dessert, like this Pear Whole-Wheat Crumb Cake (recipe from Huckleberry), just as guests sit down to eat is a show-stopping entertaining trick for the holidays. Photo Credit Matt Armendariz
Want to craft a special Thanksgiving experience, during these pandemic times? Take the pros’ advice and bring some restaurant flair to your holiday, however you are celebrating it — whether that means printing out customized menus for your table or putting some soigné touches on your appetizers.

How to Mix the Perfect Thanksgiving Cocktail(s)

The Sakura Martini. Photo: Bar Goto

Food folks know that cocktails are the perfect pairing for turkey feasts, so we query the folks behind some of our favorite bars —Huber’s, Bar Goto, Llama Inn, and The Crunkleton, among others — to get their votes (and recipes) for the ultimate Thanksgiving cocktails.

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