New on Resy: Scarpetta, Barchetta, American Cut, Frankies Spuntino and Periyali


We’ve been busy in the last few weeks, getting our roster Fall-ready. Here are the five restaurants that have just made their Resy debuts (with their descriptions as you’ll see them in the app). Many more coming in the next few weeks, too!

There is a kind of spectacular New York City restaurant that shows up on side streets. Down a few steps, usually, not a ton of frontage, feels like it might be a semi-private club. Always chic and classy if you dare cold call and walk-in. Periyali has been runnig this way, focusing on Greek seafood, for two decades and counting. Don’t come here if you’re looking a 3-deep bar and tons of noise, which is as good a compliment as there is. Seating available from 7:30 to 9:30.

Chef Dave Pasternak basically invented the modern seafood restaurant at Esca, the place he owns with Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich. Barchetta takes the act south to 23rd Street, in the space that Amy Sacco built it for Bette. The restaurant is getting its sea legs now, and the room is filling up. Barchetta is going to win. Seating available from 7:30 to 9:30.

American Cut
“Iron Chef” Marc Forgione is doing it right at his new school red meat temple. The room is handsome enough for mixed company, the menu has some flex, and the signature steaks are excellent. The original was designed for a gambling city, so giddy up. Tonight is your night, bro. Seating available from 7:30 to 9:30.

If the Meatpacking District feels like one big gaudy Rolex these days, Scarpetta, which opened in 2008, feels like a vintage Daytona. It’s chic, classic and confident. The restaurant hasn’t changed much over the years, and good on them. You come here because it’s a sure thing. And, yes, for the best spaghetti with tomato sauce in the world. Seating available at 7:30.

Frankies Spuntino
Let’s start with the fact that Frankies’ cavatelli with sage butter and spicy sausage may be the single best cavatelli in New York City. If that isn’t what you need to hear, than consider the rest of the Frankies experience: a warm, throwback dining room, great lively vibe, and amazing simple Italian fare, like the aforementioned cavatelli and perfect cured meats. The namesake Franks are in many ways New York’s self-appointed ambassadors to an Old Country version of Italian food. We’re better off for it.