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The Resy Guide to Savannah’s Best Restaurants for 2024

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Historic architecture, parks with fountains and flowers, green grassy squares, and tall oak trees laced with Spanish moss that canopy the streets: Savannah’s beauty is equaled by the city’s reputation for hospitality and gentility, long history, and of course, its solid reputation as a dining destination.

Taking advantage of the renaissance Southern cuisine has enjoyed for a decade or more, longtime Savannah restaurateurs are enjoying their well-deserved awards and nods of respect for keeping old school favorites relevant — even fashionable — while a handful of young Turks are morphing the traditional with global flair and creating new classics.

From nationally acclaimed favorites at The Grey (check out their insiders’ list of favorite spots ) to stellar waterfront dining at Vic’s River Grill to creative takes on the bounty of nearby waters and fields at Cotton & Rye, Savannah’s Hit List offers satisfying cuisine for every palate, all while keeping things real.