The look at Bar Mut is classic Barcelona, and the tapas are some of the city’s best. Photo courtesy of Bar Mut

The Hit ListBarcelona

The Barcelona Hit List: Alapar, Mont Bar, Albé, and More


While Barcelona may be one of the most Michelin-starred cities in the world, it is also home to countless bars; from cocktail lounges to tapas joints to natural wine spots. What the best ones have in common is a love of local produce. Catalonia is a region that benefits from access to both the sea and the mountains, as well as 12 wine regions, making seasonal, locavore produce the star of all the city’s great kitchens.

What sets the Barcelonian dining scene apart perhaps more than anything is its refreshingly laid-back approach to hospitality. This is the city where dinner is eaten late, and nobody wears a jacket and tie. And, whereas a few years ago, eating out in Barcelona meant dining on Spanish – and mainly Catalan – dishes, these days you can find everything from classic rice and tapas served at the likes of Pez Vela or Bodega La Puntual, to an exciting new fusion movement led by a new generation of chefs blending top-notch local ingredients with international influences, from Jaume Marambio’s Japanese-Mediterranean fusion at Alapar, to Pachi Rodriguez’s Lebanese-Catalan flavors at Albé.

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