Introducing ResyBird: Fast Fine Dining


resybird_1 Seems, of late, that people have become obsessed with the idea of fast-casual dining. Chipotle, Shake Shack, sweetgreen: the future! But as good as all these places are, and they are tasty to be sure, here's hoping that they only represent a part of the future of how we eat. Here's hoping the rest of the future is about new and interesting ways to experience great fine dining establishments. To that end, we're pumped to introduce you to ResyBird, one-course fine dining. It's our answer to those nights where you want the service, you want the chef, you want the decor—you just don't want to sit for 2.5 hours. resybirdWe have three ResyBirds for launch. Lobsta Rollsé at Barchetta is a lobster roll and house-made chips with a glass of rosé; Beer Fry is Hanjan's amazing and ought-to-be-famous fried chicken and a beer; and El Capón is chicken enchiladas, chips, salsa and a Pacifico at El Toro Blanco. They're all prepaid, meaning your Resy charge is the only thing that's going to hit your credit card for the night. Anytime you see this little star guy attached to a time slot, that means it's a ResyBird. They'll always be ticketed, and all-inclusive; and you don't need to order when you arrive (you already have!). Because the future of fine dining is ... fine dining. Grab a seat by clicking the buttons below.                  resybird       elcapon-1       beerfry