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All Cities: The Hit List

The Hit ListBoston

The August Hit List: Black Lamb, Spoke, Bar Mezzana, Haley.Henry, and More

There’s plenty of good news to go around with this Hit List. Restaurants that have been in slumber since March,…


The Hit ListAtlanta

The August Hit List: Aria, Citizen Soul, Delbar, The Companion, and More

The revolving door of restaurants continues throughout Atlanta, with some restaurants opening for the first time, others reopening after early…


The Hit ListCharleston

JackRabbit Filly, Bertha’s Kitchen, Doar Bros, Zero Restaurant + Bar, and More: New on the Resy Hit List

If there’s one thing these times have proven, it’s that the people behind the Charleston restaurants we love are as…


The Hit ListPhiladelphia

Laser Wolf, Kalaya, Gojjo Ethiopian, and More: Introducing the Philadelphia Hit List

Philadelphia restaurants rolled with the punches the pandemic threw over the past few months, pivoting to takeout, meal kits, to-go…


The Hit ListChicago

BiXi Beer, Testaccio, Ella Elli, Soul Shack, and More: Now on the Resy Hit List

Even as Chicago restaurants navigate the ongoing slew of COVID-era challenges, they’re still finding plenty of ways to feed us…


The Hit ListSydney

Momofuku Seiōbo, Sharon Kwan Kitchen, Bad Hombres, and More: New on the Resy Hit List

Venues have adapted to the pandemic with spritzes of sanitiser and expanded take-home options, but some establishments have gone even…


The Hit ListSan Francisco

New on the Resy Hit List: Dear Inga, Mister Jiu’s, Brenda’s, The Progress, and More

At this point into the pandemic, you’ve got options — and they’re delicious. Whether you choose to dine at home…


The Hit ListLos Angeles

Little Fatty, APL, Pizzana, Ceviche Project, and More: New on the Resy Hit List

The rules for dining out keep changing at breakneck speed in California, but one thing’s for sure: Your favorite restaurants…


The Hit ListLondon

Ikoyi, Mangal 2, ASAP Pizza, Quality Wines, and More: New on the Resy Hit List

The first diners have been seated, streets have been converted to al fresco terraces, and takeaway options go from strength…


The Hit ListNew York

Lilia, Sofreh, Wu’s Wonton King, Keens, Punjabi Deli, and More: New on the Resy Hit List

Outdoor dining is in full swing, and takeaway options get better every day. Who knows if or when we’ll be…


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