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The September Hit List: All Saints, Martina, Bricksworth Beer Co., and More


With the Minnesota State Fair winding down, you might be wondering what your next food-focused indulgence will be. Look no further than the slate of contenders in this month’s Resy Hit List. If you didn’t get enough corn on the cob or other produce, head to All Saints, where vegetables are treated like royalty. Baba’s has made the jump from the Great Minnesota Get-Together to full-time restaurant, bringing their hummus bowls with them and throwing in a lot of new items, too.

Fans of all the innovative brews unveiled each year at the fair will want to pull up a stool at Bricksworth Beer Co., which likes to get creative with its offerings. And if you’re looking for a side of amusement with your meal, cast an eye to Tongue in Cheek. There, the food is high-end but the attitude is all about having fun. And your September list has it all.