Photo courtesy of Hola Arepa

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The August Hit List: Layline, Chip’s Clubhouse, Bar la Grassa, and More


To badly mar an old saying: If you can’t take the heat and humidity of August in the Twin Cities, get out of the kitchen — at least out of yours.

Instead, spend time in one of the fabulous dining rooms filling the metro area. There are new ones to try — Layline in Excelsior, Herbst Eatery & Farm Stand in St. Paul — old friends to revisit (we’re looking at you, Bar la Grassa), and way too many with a keen eye not just on food but drinks as well. Hola Arepa makes a mean slushie, Rudy’s Redeye Grill gets creative with variations upon variations of martinis and mojitos, and Hi Flora! proves that alcohol-free doesn’t mean the fun is gone, too. Our Resy Hit List has some of the hottest places to chill out this month; discover them all.