A spread at D.C.'s Lutèce
A spread at D.C.’s Lutèce. Photo courtesy of Lucèce

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Ten Restaurants That Define American Dining This Winter


Summer may be when everyone comes out to play, but let’s be real: Winter is when serious eaters are in the game. The warmth of a dining room is exactly where you want to be this season, when the sun vanishes early.

Perhaps that’s why we’re finding ourselves revisiting restaurants we’ve enjoyed for a while. After all, inspiration and influence aren’t limited to just the new and shiny. Some restaurants take a moment or two to find their perfect groove, as with Charleston’s Lenoir. And it’s always worth returning to a classic restaurant — as with New Orleans’ iconic Dooky Chase — as it embarks on a vital new chapter.

It’s also worth noting how much exceptional dining right now takes place in bars, perhaps the most obvious way to do a night out that’s great but not fancy. And of course winter is the perfect time to cozy up with friends for drinks — whether cocktails at Washington, D.C.’s Medina, sake at Boston’s Koji Club, or a compelling glass of sherry at Brooklyn’s Place des Fêtes. It helps that each has exclusive booking access via Global Dining Access by Resy, available to premium American Express card members.

In any case, ahead with the latest Dining Access Hit List, our roster of 10 restaurants that are setting the pace for American dining right now. As varsity dining season begins, they’re just the thing to keep your season bright.

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