A spread at Philadelphia's Tabachoy
The spread at Philadelphia’s Tabachoy, one of a raft of modern Filpino restaurants recently opened across the country. Photo courtesy of Tabachoy

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18 Restaurants Across America We Can’t Wait To Try Right Now

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Fall is upon us, which means opening season for the most ambitious and interesting restaurants. And this year’s new crop is a stunner. It may have taken a bit of time for us all to get our heads around what post-pandemic dining looks like (Fun! Buzzy! Pizza!) but across the country, restaurateurs have finessed that mix, with spots that tell stories, evoke just a bit of nostalgia, and frame how great — and how diverse — American dining has become.

When it comes to that storytelling, the push to craft restaurants around personal histories is stronger than ever. That especially comes to play with some of the Asian American chefs who are debuting new (or newly overhauled) projects: Kwang Uh and Mina Park at L.A.’s Baroo, Parnass Savang and Rod Lassiter at Talat Market in Atlanta, Richard Le at Matta in Portland. But you can also find Geoff Davis exploring the nexus of soul food and Bay Area cooking at Burdell in Oakland, and Serigne Mbaye exalting the intersection of west African and Creole cooking at Dakar NOLA.

And that’s just one piece of the puzzle: Sushi culture keeps evolving, as with the Nikkei tasting menu at Miami’s Itamae Ao; or the nationwide expansion of the handroll zeitgeist, as at Norigami in Houston. Filipino cuisine remains ascendant, as at Naks in New York and Tabachoy in Philadelphia.

In any case, please welcome a special national fall edition of the Resy Hit List — 18 restaurants around the country that define the best of how we’re eating right now.