The Top 5 Things to Order at Eating House


Dirt Cup courtesy of Mario Davila, Bone Money Entertainment.

One of Miami’s OG popup-turned-mega-hit-restaurants, Eating House, hasn’t lost a beat some four and a half years after its debut. Through its numerous accolades — almost too many to count — it still remains true to its roots. Executive Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli continues to mix it up with new additions to the menu that always break the mold.

Next time you’re there, you know what you’re getting. The top 5 things to order is up:

1. Carbonara: Thick noodles coated in a classic egg and bacon sauce. Truffle for days, with a runny egg on top as the crowning jewel.

2. Mushrooms: Those who know, know veggies are really the star of the Eating House menu. Case in point: oyster mushrooms topped with salsa anticuchera, ahi panca, onion pickle and chive oil.

3. Heirloom Tomatoes: While fresh tomatoes, topped with peanuts, frozen coconut milk and fish sauce may sound unusual on paper, its unique layering of flavors is exactly what sets the dish apart.

4. Grilled Duck Breast: Served up perfectly seared, medium rare, of course, with a crispy skin to boot. Plated with dried tomatoes, burnt basil, treviso and finished with a tomato ‘saba.’

5. Dirt Cup: Just when you thought the GOAT dessert of your childhood couldn’t get any better, Eating House takes it up a few notches. What’s the dirt? A lighter, fluffier variation on Nutella. Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli runs it through a whipped cream maker and dusts it with crushed Oreos. The pot is drizzled in salted caramel. It’s a yes.

Bonus, Tang Mimosa: Which came first, the mimosa or the weekend? Pair it with the Cap’n Crunch pancakes.

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