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The Order: Salt’s Cure


Salt's Cure
Salt’s Cure

Put down the hot dog. We’ve got your long weekend hangover fix covered with another edition of “The Order.”

Chris Phelps and Zak Walters, the chef duo behind the die-hard locavore eatery Salt’s Cure, have a cult following for their seasonal comfort food with a Cali spin. On any given night, the chalkboard menu reads like an ode to flavor. Pork shoulder pot roast, various terrines, Santa Barbara rock crab, and that’s just this week. While dishes change nightly, the few that stay are regulars for a reason. So, Resy’s got your ticket, now here’s the lineup.

Start With

    Soft Pretzel and Pickles — Just assume everything is made in-house, because it is. Yea, even the pretzels. Dunked in a lye-base, because they’re legit, the salty, and a little bit sweet bite is rounded out by the seasonal pickles. Sugar snap peas and pickled chard rinds offer up a crunchy counterpoint. Noshing at its best.

    Avocado and Citrus Salad — If there is to be one salad on the menu, and there is, it’s got to be killer. Buttery little gem greens are tossed with an oaky lola rosa lettuce to form the base. High notes come in from the grapefruit and orange supremes, red onion and generous chunks of California’s star attraction: avocado. A citrus vinaigrette ties it all together in an, “our produce is on point,” kind of way.

Then Do The

    Wild King Salmon — Crispy skin on. Pink, tender morsels of melt-in-your-mouth salmon. Everything works. From the nutty long-grain canoe rice to the perfect hit of bitter and acid of the preserved lemon. Sliced sugar snap peas add a nice crunch, but again, it’s all about that fish.

    Duroc Pork Chop — This is what the insta #saltscure is made of. Bone in, gristle-free, hands down juiciest pork chop in LA. Sure, there’s a dollop of apple sauce to add some sweetness, but the meat stands on its own. When in doubt, go pig or go home.

And For Dessert

    Chocolate Pudding — Pastry chef Zenai Leal throws it back old school. Creamy 68% Tcho chocolate pudding topped with marshmallow fluff and crunchy cocoa nibs. One spoon please.

Have a Bottle of

    Rebula Kabaj Goriska BRDA — Distinctively spicy with an orange hue from the 30-day skin fermentation. This wine has the weight of a light body red, but it’s white. Aromas of cherry and pepper pair it nicely with the pork and fish dishes.