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Resy FeaturesLondon

How Omar Shah Grew Bintang From a Single Restaurant Into a Filipino Empire

The doors of Bintang first opened in 1987, with its name drawing inspiration from its significance in Indonesia – literally…


Resy FeaturesMiami

Miami Dining Has Come of Age. Thank the Locals Who Saw Its Potential

It’s tempting, when visiting Miami, to scroll down the list of newly minted Michelin-starred restaurants and assume you’re hitting the…


Resy FeaturesMiami

How Mandolin Became An Icon of Miami’s New Dining Vibe

It’s morning at Mandolin Aegean Bistro, and Anastasia Koutsioukis is breezing through the restaurant, gleefully greeting everyone as they begin…


InterviewsNew York

Call Dan Richer’s Pizza Exceptional. Just Don’t Call It New York Pizza

Dan Richer and coauthor Katie Parla are bringing their bestselling cookbook “The Joy of Pizza” to California on the first leg…


Resy SpotlightNew York

With Lord’s, the Dame Team Is Finally Opening the Restaurant They Always Dreamed Of

The space at Lord’s is big. Much bigger in comparison to Dame, the wildly successful and popular British seafood restaurant Patricia…


Chef Cosme Aguilar inside the kitchen of his restaurant, Casa Enrique

Resy FeaturesNew York

Casa Enrique Changed the Game. Cosme Aguilar Was Just Cooking Up His Dreams

When Cosme Aguilar was a boy growing up in the mountainous, warm Mexican city of Cintalapa, Chiapas — before he…


Spago Los Angeles

Resy FeaturesLos Angeles

How Spago Changed Everything

Spago opened on a chilly evening in January 1982. The first night, 21 Rolls-Royces jammed into the restaurant’s tiny parking lot…


Resy FeaturesAtlanta

Kevin Rathbun Thinks Fine Dining Is Doing Just Fine

For most Atlantans, chef Kevin Rathbun needs no introduction. The restaurateur’s 45-year career has been successful by those traditional if…


The burger from the Brindle Room

The Road BackNew York

The Brindle Room Is Proof There’s Always a Place for the Neighborhood Spot

It’s been more than two years since Jeremy Spector served a Steakhouse Burger at the narrow space on Avenue A…


Resy FeaturesPortlandNational

With Kann, Gregory Gourdet Is Ready to Define Dining His Way

Take a scroll through Gregory Gourdet’s Instagram, and it’ll seem as though the celebrity chef is everywhere, all at once.…


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