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The Resy Guide to Bars and Restaurants for Music Lovers 


As people who love restaurants, we know that when it comes to picking a spot for dinner, there’s much more than just food in question. Atmosphere is just as important, and music is a key player in creating the vibe.

Sometimes, the best soundtrack is the one you don’t notice, but the places on the list aren’t for those kinds of nights. The playlists are hyper specific, the sound system is top of the line, or maybe they secretly have one of the best vinyl collections in the country, or guest DJs on weekends. Yes, you go there for the music, but the food is far from an afterthought, too. Listen to some Japanese jazz deep cuts over an omakase, or eclectic world beats over some of the city’s silkiest hummus — with playlists and menus like these, you might not need to make it to your second destination for the night.

And if you’re looking for spots with live music, we’ve got you covered here.