The Lady in Rouge cocktail from Highball Times Square. Photo courtesy of Highball Times Square

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21 New York Bars and Restaurants with Excellent Zero-Proof Cocktails


Somewhere around a decade ago the dreaded term “mocktail” first started to surface on menus, referring to drinks meant to offer the cocktail experience, but none of the “buzz.” At the time, unlike their alcoholic counterparts, most of these drinks were overly sweet mixes of juice and housemade sodas with elaborate garnishes.

Now, however, there’s been a shift in drinking culture: Dry January, anyone? In other words, we’re drinking less, or thinking about having that second or third drink more, and beverage directors have taken note. Today’s mocktails are now as considered and thoughtfully developed as those made full strength. Many of them also feature the new wave of non-alcoholic spirits, like Seedlip, Lyre’s, Little Saints, Amass Riverine, and Ghia.

So, whether you’re abstaining from alcohol, are taking a night off, or just want to stay and linger at the bar after your glass has run dry, here are some of the best places in the city to find zero-proof cocktails.

Newly added on January 8: Donna, Nowon Bushwick, Greywind, Highball Times Square, Bar Calico, and The Wesley.