The Dole Whip from Lullaby.
The Dole Whip from Lullaby. Photo courtesy of Lullaby

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The Resy Guide to New York’s Drinks of the Summer


From breezy rooftops to subterranean spots with plenty of air-conditioned chill, summer drinking in New York City is all about escapism. Of course, that means respite from the heat and humidity, in the form of shaded patios or blissfully dark bar spaces where it always feels like twilight.

But it also means escapism from the cares of the day, a concept tropical bars perfected with decor evoking island climes and elaborate, icy cocktails. Two New York bars, Donna and Sunken Harbor Club, give the tropical model a modern update. Elsewhere, bars like Maison Premiere reinterpret summer drinks through the lens of New Orleans and France, while Shinji’s adds Japanese finesse (and caviar hand rolls) to the mix. And the cocktail mad scientists at Double Chicken Please create whimsical distraction in the best possible way with their deconstructed food-as-drinks offerings.

While it may be too soon to anoint an official “drink of the summer” just yet, plenty of contenders abound. Will it be a frozen drink (as at Lullaby), a cooling spritz-style aperitivo (see: The Panorama Room), or one of the many agave-spiked cocktails that seem to be filling out menus everywhere right now?

Whichever you choose, this shortlist of the drinks of the summer will surely transport.

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