The Hit List Los Angeles: Jon, Vinny and Baltaire


[caption id="attachment_1570" align="alignnone" width="680"]Baltaire Baltaire. Photo by Elizabeth Daniels for Eater LA. [/caption] The fight of the century might have been a bust, that was then and this is now. It's time once again for the Resy Hit List: Los Angeles, punching way above its weight class per usual. You are where you eat, so here's our monthly blow-by-blow of what's what in the LA dining scene. 1/JON & VINNY'S 2/BALTAIRE 3/BIRCH 4/LUCQUES 5/OX AND SON 6/KNUCKLE AND CLAW 7/BELCAMPO MEAT CO. 8/ODYS + PENELOPE 9/SMYC 1/JON & VINNY'S Debut Because this powerhouse duo makes Italian American fare pro. Jersey meets California seven days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pizza crust dipping sauces, a burrata pie for the LA ladies, and those meatballs. Bada bing. // Fairfax. (323) 334-3369. 2/BALTAIRE Debut Because it's a swank steakhouse in Brentwood and the bone in filet is mint. Baltaire dishes out all the upgrades. Foie gras, check. King crab, double check. Plus, Al fresco dining under the terrace and primetime cougar watching at the bar. // Brentwood. (424) 273-1660. 3/BIRCH Debut Because Brendan Collin's new Hollywood restaurant is slick. The garage door rolls up to a polished, but intimate space and the menu follows suit. Monkfish tikka masala, whole fried sea bass, rabbit baklava. Innovation plays. // Hollywood. (323) 960-3369. 4/LUCQUES 6 Because, obviously. Jonathan Gold and Alice Waters put it in their top five. Hands down the best restaurant in LA for al fresco dining with a clutch outdoor patio and Suzanne Goin's cult-worthy menu. Drink the kool-aid. // West Hollywood. Book Now at Lucques. 5/OX AND SON Debut Because welcome to flavor town. Brad Miller's latest outpost doesn't skip a beat. Uni, chorizo poutine and duck confit hit big on the all-star menu. Not to be missed: "ooey gooey" panisse. // Santa Monica. (310) 829-3990. 6/KNUCKLE AND CLAW Debut Because finally. Buttery lobster rolls for the homesick East-coasters. Short and sweet list of fare with the crowd favorites. Don't forget the whoopie pie bar. // Silver Lake. (323) 407-6142. 7/BELCAMPO MEAT CO. Debut Because no more kale, bring on the meat. The Nor-Cal humane butchery conquered Grand Central Market and now Santa Monica with a full blown restaurant. Go big with the shell steak dinner for two. Potato gratin on fleek. // Santa Monica. (424) 744-8008. 8/ODYS + PENELOPE Debut Because Jonathan Gold is still waxing poetic about the sirloin cap. On the marquee, grilled meats costarring cauliflower and millet. Box office magic. // Fairfax. (323) 939-1033. 9/SMYC Debut Because Andrew Kirschner follows up Tar and Roses with yacht club ritz. The numbers crunch. Seafood forward, outdoor patio, swordfish 'nduja bruschetta, walk-ins welcome. Buzz buzz buzz. // Santa Monica. (310) 587-3330. Registered users of Resy get the Hit List every week. CLICK HERE to continue.