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Photos courtesy of Getrude’s, Una Pizza Napoletana, Okonomi, and Emily Greene.

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The New York Restaurants We Loved in April


This month, we successfully snagged seats at the latest and hottest openings, enjoyed everything from Japanese breakfast to Jewish-inspired brunch, and toasted the warm weather (and the return of outdoor dining) with cocktails, burgers, and pasta galore. Sun’s out, spring has (mostly) sprung, and Team Resy has the Pro tips for enjoying it all.

Resy Staffer Spotlight: Sai Nallamshetty

Sai Nallamshetty
Photo courtesy of Sai Nallamshetty
For Resy director of technical project management Sai Nallamshetty, dining out is one of life’s great pleasures, and fine dining (particularly that of the French variety) is a particular weakness.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Sai has lived in many different places around the world, but she’s called New York (well, New Jersey, technically) home for the past eight years, whose dining scene has proven perfect for her flexitarian leanings (she’s an occasional vegetarian).

Her advice for fellow diners? Set those Notifies and do your homework to find out when reservations drop to get into those in-demand spots. And share your Resy lists with friends: “It gives me ideas for places I may want to try out that I haven’t already,” she says.

Here, in her own words, are a few of her favorite restaurants in New York.

The Anniversary Spot: Le Bernardin
My husband and I gravitate to this restaurant for our anniversary dinner every year. We usually do the chef’s tasting menu with the wine pairing, and we also love how they have a beautifully crafted vegetarian tasting menu. The white asparagus, prepared in a Champagne-tarragon emulsion, is by far my favorite dish on their menu.

The Vibes Are Just Right: Gabriel Kreuther
One of my favorites for their pleasant table settings and ambiance. The food is crafted with such precision and beautiful French technique, and I love the Alsatian-inspired handcrafted ceramics. I usually go with the chef’s tasting menu and wine pairing, and I have to say that the foie gras and roasted artichoke terrine paired with caviar is one reason alone to visit. I also can’t get enough of the spice-roasted Atlantic black bass with a caper marmalade, and a merguez and chickpea ragout in a sherry emulsion.

The Splurge: Eleven Madison Park
When I want a beautiful view of Madison Square Park combined with mouthwatering food, this is my spot. They’ve truly found the perfect way to incorporate the best plant-based combinations — the fairytale eggplant (fried eggplant, panisse, and Thai bird chile) is my most dreamed-about dish that I’ve had there. I would recommend EMP to any vegetarian or non-vegetarian looking for the culinary experience of a lifetime. The last time I went, they sent me home with a delicious granola mix, which I shamelessly ate over the next week with a spoon.

The Neighborhood Gem: Willow
Willow gives me all I want from an amazing American bistro meal, using high-quality plant-based ingredients. Every dish there looks like a piece of art. I found this spot after going to Beyond Sushi years ago and following their chef, Guy Vaknin. The “salmon” crudo with black truffle caviar and taro root chips is something I never pass up. I love pairing it with a cup of the New England “clam” chowder. And if I get a sandwich, it has to be the Philly “cheesesteak” because the housemade baguette is so good.

The One That Reminds Me of Home: HAAM Caribbean Plant Cuisine
As a Trinidadian-born Indian, I love the fusion of Trinidadian and Dominican flavors here that take me back to the islands in every mouthwatering bite. I highly recommend getting the empanadas trio to start and the chimichurri chunk steak as an entrée, and then ending your meal with the cassava pone with soursop ice cream. It’s a must-visit for anyone headed to Williamsburg.

Is there anything else that needs to be said about …

Mắm and their incredibly delicious Vietnamese street food staples, warm hospitality, and all-around good energy?

I was ecstatic to learn they’re now taking reservations on Resy, so I had to stop by with my wife, bringing our wedding photographer (who’s originally from southern Vietnam) along with us. One sip of calamansi tea and a few bites of fried chicken cartilage, grilled shrimp skewers, and steamed egg with scallop — eating on tables imported straight from Vietnam — immediately transported us to a place our photographer said felt “like home.”

The star of the show, of course, was the bún đậu mắm tôm, a collection of delicious proteins, paired with vermicelli noodles and fermented shrimp paste sauce. Each bite was unique on its own, with us competing on who could build the most flavorful and fun combination. The Vietnamese pride and culture shine in every aspect of this restaurant, and I know there are only bigger and better things to come for this group.

— Charles ZhaoDirector of Restaurant Product


We love a place that’s consistent!

I’ve been going to The Boil for years, and the quality, experience, and taste never disappoint. I’ve taken all of my friends here and everyone has gone back with me or by themselves. It’s a 10/10 for any seafood lover; their sauce is unmatched! My usual order: shrimp and crab legs with Old Bay garlic butter sauce, plus Cajun fries.

Pro tip: Order vermicelli noodles halfway through eating your boil — the noodles go great in the sauce. Also, do not miss out on their fries (the dipping sauce that comes with them is to die for).

Lysandra Whitlow, Technical Project Manager


What was originally supposed to be a double dinner …

Turned out to be a triple dinner, and I’m not mad about it. My friend and his partner visited us from out of town so we decided to make it a true bang bang, with an early reservation at Penny, followed by a later one over at Foul Witch. What we didn’t anticipate, however, was that we’d squeeze in an impromptu stop at Katz’s Deli for their famed pastrami and matzoh ball soup for good measure.

All three spots are worth seeking out, whether you check them out one at a time, or all in the same night like we did. At Penny, we especially loved the confit oysters and octopus and potato salad. And over at Foul Witch, you can’t go wrong with an order of their Sorana beans with salsa verde, the grilled tripe, veal tortellini, and ‘nduja cappelletti.

Pro tip: If you can’t get enough of the housemade bread and butter at Foul Witch, ask for some to take home the next day for an excellent breakfast — even if you’re still feeling incredibly full from the night before.

Deanna Ting, New York & Philadelphia Editor, Resy Editorial

There was something for everyone to enjoy at …

Superbueno, which is appropriately named because it is, in fact, super bueno — think a bar that delivers on delicious food, inventive drinks, fun vibe, and warm service. The mushroom margarita with huitlacoche-infused mezcal was a refreshing and earthy take on a margarita, and my friends and I couldn’t stop raving about the guacamole y chips (I’m from Texas and very picky about guac). I also love that they have tasty non-alcoholic drinks like the chamoy y soda with pickled plums and guajillo.

Sarah Slaton, Product Designer


Who knew tuna could work on pizza!?

I went to the Una Pizza Napoletana x Mary Attea dinner with my Resy coworker, Emily, and thought it was amazing. It was really cool to hear chef Attea speak about how she had always wanted to collaborate with chef Anthony Mangieri of Una Pizza. The dinner made me appreciate how Resy can help bring creative chefs together and create unique experiences for diners. In terms of the food, tuna was the star of the night! The tuna crudo appetizer topped with seaweed caviar was delicious, but the tuna bottarga pizza was the highlight.

Shane Gilligan, Strategic Partnerships, Senior Analyst


I cannot shut up about …

How much I love The Cabinet Mezcal Bar in the East Village. I recently hosted a party here, and was so thrilled with every detail of the whole operation. The staff was incredibly attentive, organized, hospitable, and fun to work with. Getting to share in their love of great mezcal was such a treat. They’re also all incredibly knowledgable — providing thoughtful recommendations, context, and tasting direction about their extensive (900+ bottle!) collection. Don’t sleep on the food here, either!

— Isabelle AndrewsDirector of Product


After reading about its opening

I met two friends at Only Love Strangers for drinks and bites after work. The bartender recommended the Swing cocktail, saying “It’s the perfect drink to start a night or end a night,” and he couldn’t have been more right. It tasted like the more refined sister of an Aperol spritz with all the right bitter, sweet, and bubbly proportions. The Bebop cocktail was also great for tequila lovers like myself — not too sweet or strong, but refreshing and light.

For food, we started with the mezze platter, which was actually served on a bowl of pebbled ice (chic), and how I expect every crudité and dip platter to be served from now on. The pan con tomate was like elevated pizza for grown-ups who listen to jazz, and honestly, I wasn’t mad about it. And to finish, we shared the moules frites, which were a 10/10.

Pro tip: Get there a few minutes before your Resy and have a drink at the bar — the Yves Klein blue tiles that cover the room from floor to ceiling paired with the Noguchi-inspired lighting creates a super cool ambiance, and the bartenders are incredibly kind and welcoming. And book a seat downstairs where the live jazz band plays nightly. It isn’t too loud (aka, you can still have conversations with your fellow diners without shouting over each other) and the music really added a nice background experience that honestly makes you forget you’re in the middle of New York.

Emily Greene, Senior Manager of Experiential


For a one-a-kind tasting menu …

Luthun is a true gem. Chef Nahid Ahmed and his incredibly talented team presented a seven-course tasting menu, each plate paired with a beverage carefully chosen by their sommelier, Jah Gildin. Of all the courses, I would have to say the Koshihikari rice dish with northern shrimp, leche de árbol, and passion fruit was my favorite. It was perfectly rich and savory with bright, zesty overtones of passion fruit, only to be enhanced by the crisp (and brilliantly paired) glass of Dokan Umeshu sake. This was, quite possibly, the most thoughtful and creative dish I’ve ever had.

Whitney Cornett, Restaurant Support


Love it when I have to make zero decisions …

So it was great when I visited Blue Hill in Manhattan, which has a unique “no menu” approach. Instead, guests are treated to a chef-driven, three-course, family meal-style experience, allowing them to just sit back and enjoy the food. The savory dished that night included a handful of turnips, which I don’t eat too often and were a nice surprise.

Pro tip: If you’re looking to enjoy Blue Hill without straining your wallet, definitely drop in for lunch on a Sunday, where you can enjoy the same quality of food at a reduced price. And don’t miss out on their concise cocktail list — it’s short but sweet.

Gagan Singh, Senior Engineer


The place that’s heavy in my rotation …

Is Roman’s, which invented a new category: A neighborhood-celebration spot, for when you want something local and comforting with a little more oomph. A place where the server does not recommend three-to-nine plates per person and often advises us to enjoy half portions of pastas instead. The move for two: Get two apps, two pastas, one entrée, and you’re golden.

Tess Gostfrand, Senior Manager, Servicing and Email Strategy, Travel & Lifestyle Services


Can’t think of a better gem for a celebration

Than Bar Bête! I went with some Resy coworkers (they accommodated all six of us without a problem) and the food was amazing. As someone with dietary restrictions around meat and shellfish, French restaurants can be difficult to navigate, but the team at Bar Bête was totally unbothered, even making a version of their delicious pasta without crab for me. Highlight of the meal had to be the anchovy butter with what felt like a literal mountain of fresh bread and the yellow cake with chocolate frosting.

— Liora FishmanSenior Email Manager


A reunion with the Resy Girl Dinner™ crew …

At 4 Charles Prime Rib. With a few first-timers, it was only right to order almost the whole menu for six hungry gals. Starting with a light appetizer consisting of the French dip and shrimp scampi (a sleeper hit), moving to a burger mid-course (bacon, egg, and a show included), before getting all of the sides for mains (the corn cannot be missed), and obviously ending with the most delicate chocolate pie.

Lala Liban, Senior Manager, Hotel Partner Growth


If you find yourself near 14th Street …

This is your friendly reminder that Union Square Café is always a lovely visit. We tucked inside for an early dinner on a rainy night, and the dining room felt grand but warm and welcoming. New York has no shortage of amazing Italian spots, but I’d venture to say that Union Square Cafe makes some of the best pasta in the city. Our server said the crowd favorite is the mafaldine with duck ragù, pistachio, and amaro, and I can confirm it’s fantastic.

— Alex JohnsonSenior Manager, Resy Marketing


Doing an impromptu walk-in to …

Misipasta’s recently opened backyard on an unseasonably warm weekday afternoon felt like a mini vacation. Two of us ordered nearly half of the small menu, including the  mozzarella in carrozza (a grilled cheese/mozzarella stick hybrid) and the ricotta and pistachio-filled mezzaluna pasta. But the standout was the grilled artichoke sandwich with hot peppers and sharp provolone, recommended to us by a nearby diner. Thank you for your service, unknown sandwich evangelist.

Caryn Ganeles, Senior Manager, Restaurant Marketing


A place that never disappoints …

Is Baciccia in Park Slope! It’s a neighborhood Italian spot and they have handmade pastas and unique pizzas. We went for my mom’s birthday and got a pie with mortadella that was out of this world. They also have a delicious wine selection — this day we got a wine from the Liguria region of Italy, which was special because my mom lived there for many years.

Juliana Dutan, Program Manager


My husband and I finally got to try …

Brunch at Gertrude’s in Prospect Heights. I got the Hy’s melt bagel sandwich. Not only does it share a name with my grandfather but it sounds exactly like the kind of food he would have loved. My husband was very tempted by the brisket hash but decided to go lighter with the smoked fish niçoise. The salad was perfect for a beautiful spring afternoon and the sablefish was wonderful.

Lori Goldberg, Senior Software Engineer


Perfect for a weekend brunch

Olea will uplift you as soon as you walk in with its bright, airy, and plant-filled space. Everything on the menu is flavorful, light, and satisfying but we especially enjoyed the green eggs and lamb and vegan merguez burger (perfect for my vegan friend who was visiting me). If you’re in the mood for it, would also recommend the one-litre carafe of their classic red sangria — delicious and an oh so generous helping.

— Richa MehraConsumer Product Manager

Looking for a sophisticated lady lunch location?

Want to rub shoulders with the quarter-zip type? Head to Saint Ambroeus for breakfast. I had the omelette della Casa and was the envy of everyone in the dining room. Pro tip (courtesy of fellow Resy coworker, Will): Grab a box of chocolates on your way out and relive the luxury at home.

Tess Gostfrand, Senior Manager, Servicing and Email Strategy, Travel & Lifestyle Services


Waited 1.5 hours …

After walking into Theodora on a Friday night (crazy behavior), but it was well worth the wait for a lovely corner table and some seriously delicious bites. Started with the toro, seeded laffa, and pita with monkfish. They were out of the za’atar kubaneh by the time we sat but that’s a good excuse to return. Moved on to a mid-course veggie of falafel and winter greens, rounded out with the octopus and swordfish skewers. Will absolutely be going back.

Pro tip: If you can’t score a Resy, leave your name and have a couple of drinks at Endswell right around the corner. Also, Theodora’s bathroom is great for a mirror selfie.

— Ria Mar-Fan, Product Services Manager


Starting a campaign to get …

The Friki Tiki onto everyone’s pre-theatre drinks/bites radar. Huge shoutout to Resy staffer, Tess, for finding this place! This slightly bizarre, very delightful, hidden underground bar is a perfect stop for a pre-broadway jaunt. They have a $9 burger that’s extremely solid, fun tiki cocktails, happy hour specials, and a playlist that’ll get you excited for whatever show you’re about to see. I haven’t been there for the live music, but I’d bet it’s a great time, too.

— Isabelle AndrewsDirector of Product


It’d been a year since I’d been …

And I’m thrilled to report that Sigiri, a Sri Lankan restaurant and East Village gem, is still as excellent as ever. We went on a joyously packed Friday night and the ever-hospitable staff attended to us with so much care. This is one spicy menu, so plan accordingly (it’s BYOB, so beer or a crisp bottle of white will do nicely): standouts included the kotthu roti and black pork curry, with the fish cutlets to start (do note that it’s cash only!).

Pro tip: Take a digestive walk to Martiny’s, put your name down, and wait it out at their next-door sister spot, L’Americana, with a tomatini (aka the most refreshing cocktail that drinks like a liquid caprese salad) in hand.

Noëmie Carrant, Senior Writer, Resy Editorial


For a cozy lunch on a rainy day …

Head to Okonomi, an underrated gem that has just a few seats and serves Japanese breakfast sets with fresh fish. Pro tip: Stop by As You Like for coffee after — it’s owned by the same people and a perfect post-lunch coffee and dessert spot.

Felicity Lin, Senior B2B Marketing Analyst


Now I understand what the hype is about …

I’ve been to Rolo’s for dinner twice and the burger was always sold out. But I finally got to try it when I made a brunch Resy, and wow. Pro tip: My favorite cocktail is the Orange Drink, which isn’t on the brunch menu, but if you ask nicely, they’ll make one for you (there’s carrot juice in it, so it’s basically like having organic juice for breakfast???).

Michelle Greenbaum, Senior Manager of Social Media

We love an organized waitlist …

And Raku, with their lovely service, udon, and chicken tatsuta-age — both amazing — really delivered. I definitely recommend making a reservation through Resy, but if you can’t, get there early. And if there’s a line, join the waitlist and know that it’s very easy and organized.

Gavin Maisel, Quality Assurance Engineering


I’ll never not tell y’all to …

Go to Graziella’s! This is the neighborhood spot. You’re likely to be greeted by Vito, the owner, you’ll recognize the servers by your third visit, and the menu has no skips! You already know what to order, but for the people in the back: calamari, arancini, pear and four-cheese finocchi, penne alla vodka, chicken parm, and pizzaaaaaa!

Tess Gostfrand, Senior Manager, Servicing and Email Strategy, Travel & Lifestyle Services


I was lucky enough to snag …

A seat at Penny, a new raw bar and seafood counter from the talented folks behind Claud. It’s clean and modern but moody all at the same time, and most of all, I loved the food. Favorites of the night included pull-apart sesame brioche, tuna carpaccio, octopus over potato salad, and stuffed squid. Penny is currently only open during the week – Monday through Friday — and if you don’t see any Resys online, just walk in: They reserve seats for walk-ins every night. And lastly, if you have room in your stomach for more, you can always head downstairs for a slice of Claud’s epic chocolate cake.

Jamie Goldstein, Resy Strategic Partnerships


Shoutout to the place that always hits …

Kings Co. Imperial, where we feasted on soup dumplings, cold sesame noodles, salt and pepper tofu, dry fried long bean, angry pig fried rice, and cocktails.

Annie Lindahl, Product Manager


Group dining and vibes, right this way …

With its large banquet tables, it feels like everyone can be part of the conversation at Sartiano’s, located inside the Mercer Hotel. It’s a great spot for large groups and a great vibe to boot with dim lights, exposed brick, an open kitchen, and one vibrant bar. The food and service are also worth writing home about. My favorite things on the menu were the caviar cannolis (crunchy and savory in every bite), the Caesar salad, and the housemade focaccia with whipped ricotta — all incredible! 

Callie Randall, Premium Loyalty Programming & Strategy Manager


If you’re looking for a special experience…

The extremely small and intimate Farra delivers. We went for the chicories salad, which was bright and flavorful — I loved the contrast between the creamy gouda and crisp apples. We also got the rice, scallop, egg yolk and trout roe, which had a nice crisp with the rice working well with the soft yolk and scallop. My friend and I were skeptical about the pork belly (because she’s not usually a fan and me, because it had grapes and I don’t usually like to mix fruit with savory dishes) but we both enjoyed it a lot. We paired the meal with orange wine, which worked perfectly.

— Richa Mehra, Consumer Product Manager

Noëmie Carrant is Resy’s New York-based senior writer. Some of her other favorite meals this month took place at Yoon Haeundae Galbi, Semma, Bar Bête, Bo Ky, and Red Hook Tavern. Follow her on Instagram. Follow Resy, too.