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The New York Restaurants We Loved in March


… And we’re back, this time with plenty more restaurant recs and tips from Resy headquarters.

This month had us in our feels for comfort food in all its various forms, from perfectly doughy fried dumplings and eye-opening vegetarian fare to insanely good focaccia and the best happy hour deals in the city.

Resy Staffer Spotlight: Charles Zhao 

Photo courtesy of Charles Zhao

We’ve got Charles to thank for the genesis of the Resy Food-Pics-Chat slack channel, where Resy staffers share photos and discussions of anything and everything they’ve eaten lately, whether while dining out or cooking in. Ever the prolific diner, cook, and traveler, Resy’s director of restaurant product is always sharing his favorite meals from all over and encouraging each of us to do the same. Here’s a look into his personal Resy Hit List of favorite New York restaurants.

Regular Status Achieved: Atoboy
I’ve probably been here anywhere from 10 to 15 times over the years, and I keep coming back. It’s my favorite restaurant in the entire city. It’s such a fun, inventive but still approachable take on fine dining. They always take good care of me, and I love how the menu always changes and surprises you. I take everyone here because it fits the mold for every type of occasion. Their fried chicken is the best, the wine is good, and the uni on steamed egg is incredible.

The Sleeper Hit: Mayfield
It’s the definition of a neighborhood spot: You can usually walk in, and I’ve even run into coworkers from Resy here, too. They’ve got the best buffalo wings in New York, plus $2 oysters and this mushroom ravioli that satisfies the soul.

Approachable Fine Dining: Oxalis
I like to go here for special occasions. Every meal I’ve had here is incredible. The menu is French, but it also has Asian influences and flavors, and it changes all the time. It’s a five-minute walk away from home, and I’m just so happy for their success (they’ve got a Michelin star).

Asian Parents Approved: Szechuan Mountain House Manhattan
My parents are very critical of Chinese food that’s not their own, but this is a place I’d take them to that they would really love. The entire experience here is so good. They’ve got a version of this dish I first discovered in China — a fatty beef brisket in a sour broth — that’s hard to find, but theirs might be even better than what I had in China. The swinging pork belly over garlic sauce is insane.

My Watering Hole: The Ten Bells
The Resy product team goes here for happy hour. They’re trailblazers of natural wine in the city, and they make me appreciate natural wine that much more. The tapas are so good: They’ve got these melt-in-your-mouth, piping hot meatballs, and we always get the chorizo-and-cheese empanadas cut into squares.

Splurge-Worthy: Sushi Yasuda
Yasuda never fails me. I know there are so many other omakase places in the city, but for me, food is always tied to memory, and a lot of my big-moment celebrations have always been here: birthdays, promotions, relationships. I like to celebrate life here. I always opt for the chef’s omakase at the counter, where you tell them when to stop; it’s like you’re always in for a surprise but you also know what you’re going to get.

I walked outta there like Oprah …

Shouting “I love bread!” The bread service at One White Street’s wine bar (downstairs) takes every dish to the next level and creates a crucial base for all the wine you’ll be drinking. I am obsessed with the focaccia, a strip of pillowy bread dotted with potatoes and scallions, and absolutely covered in parm. It was fire. The puffification (is that a word? I don’t care!) of the burger bun soaks up all the juices of the perfect double smash burger, so every flavor drop is retained. The pull aparts on the foie set are the perfect vehicle for all that rich texture. I could go on forever. The best part? They sell a ton of their bread next door at Rigor Hill Market which is just 10 minutes from the office. My advice? Opt to sit at the bar so the chef can just throw burgers directly into your mouth.

Tess Gostfrand, Senior Manager, B2B Product Marketing


A spontaneous late-night Resy …

At Le Fond in Greenpoint. A casual and intimate kind of place, serving some of the best French food I’ve had in the city: It truly reminded me of my French grandparents’ cooking. Definitely start with the sampler plate of all five hors d’œuvres. The menu changes frequently, but the housemade pasta is a sure bet (as is the rack of Berkshire pork, if it’s there).

Noëmie Carrant, Resy Editorial Senior Writer


The final stretch of winter can feel brutal at times …

Which is why it’s so important to get yourself a little after-work treat. Whether it was an early dinner at Kru for their half-price drink special (a cocktail in New York for under $10?!), a Friday afternoon with $2 oysters and Rondo Spritzes at El Pingüino’s happy hour, or treating myself to a fancy selection of salumi and cheese (and a delicious helping of caponata) at Lodi, a little self-care can go a long way until the weather warms up.

Matt Glassett, Data and Analytics Manager


It’s difficult to stand out …

In a city that is constantly innovating and inventing new and creative ways to dine, and Double Chicken Please just instantly felt like a homerun. A group of six of us were fortunate enough to order more than half of their menu and to try some of their most inventive cocktails. Our favorites were the Japanese Cold Noodle and the Red Eye Gravy — that microwaved coppa was so good. As for the food, the hot honey chicken sandwich and the popcorn chicken were unanimous favorites; order both; I promise it’s not too much chicken.

Gina Chun, Senior Product Manager

Wondering how to get in? We’ve got you covered here.


These were the doughiest dumplings I’ve ever had …

With the perfect amount of stretch and chewiness while still staying light and fluffy. I ordered these fried veggie dumplings from Fried Dumpling in Chinatown after paying a visit to Yu & Me bookstore. I highly recommend getting a book, getting dumplings, and having yourself a nice solo day.

Liora Fishman, Senior Email Marketing Manager


The mashup of shrimp scampi and pizza isn’t new …

California Pizza Kitchen partisans with long memories will attest to this. What none of those have in their favor, however, is chef Melissa Rodriguez, whose current rendition of a scampi pizza at Mel’s combines her finesse at reinventing Italian classics (see: Del Posto, Al Coro) and her remarkable pies, currently and rightfully near the top of any sane NYC pizza ranking. Said pizza was a no-brainer for a Saturday lunch (Pro tip: Mel’s is open for lunch!) and because the best pizza pairing is Champagne, we had it with a bottle of Paul Bara Rosé.

Of course, shrimp, like all things, go better with French wine — trust me on this — which is why that meal quickly segued into a trip out to Williamsburg for the wonderfully slippery shrimp with walnuts at Bonnie’s and a bottle of Burgundy aligoté from the talents at Du Grappin. Further proof I have shrimp on the brain basically always.

Jon Bonné, Managing Editor, Resy Editorial

P.S. Jon’s latest book, “The New French Wine,” comes out on March 28.


Get the caviar handroll …

At Sixty Three Clinton. The chef [Samuel Clonts] rolls out a cart and makes the handroll tableside so you can enjoy the rice and nori at the perfect temperature. I loved the whimsy and creativity that went into every dish on the multi-course tasting menu. I also loved that you could add caviar and truffles to many of the dishes, which added an extra layer of luxury to the already lovely experience.

Jamie Goldstein, Resy Strategic Partnerships


Start with the focaccia and Taleggio butter …

At da Toscano. After moving from Charleston, S.C., to New York, I missed the focaccia from their sister restaurant, Le Farfalle, so much. Chef Michael Toscano brings authentic Italian dishes to New York and the staff there is always so warm and welcoming. Oh, and be sure to follow that up with an order of some polpette and gnocchi. And try dipping your own tortellini in a number of different sauces, too.

Lane Allen, Product Marketing


Celebrating a few career milestones among friends …

Was so much fun at LittleMad. The dishes were so creative and beautifully executed. The servers were all lovely, and just as excited as we were about each dish. It was a ton of food, especially for being a sub-$100 tasting menu (although we may have indulged in a few supplements). The Prime Galbi with brown butter, cippolini, soy marinated egg, and bone marrow may have stolen the show, but there was not a single boring bite on the table of several dozen plates. We can’t wait to return!

Isabelle Andrews, Senior Product Manager


Despite the many burgers I eat …

I like to keep it plant-based at home, and The Wesley is running a similar operation, focusing on plant-based foods with a few meat and fish options in their larger plate section. The space is stunning, and you will immediately feel like a regular with their personable and unpretentious service. Each vegetable dish was bold in flavor, texture, and presentation. It’s an excellent place to dine with a group so you can try as much of the menu as possible, and great to taking any vegetarian or vegan friends. I’m already looking forward to my next visit to try out the rest of the dishes we didn’t order.

Lala Liban, Senior Revenue Enablement Manager


The chef worked his magic …

With an intimate tasting menu of four appetizers, nine yakitori skewers, udon, and dessert over at Kono. We got tastes of the whole bird, from the tail to the heart, wing, thigh, and the oyster. I also loved the rice cracker truffle, the Yukon potato with caviar, tsukune, roast bamboo, and the roast fig with white sesame miso. Between the food, service, and ambiance, this dining experience exceeded my expectations. Plus, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the cherry on top: the fancy heated toilets in the restrooms.

Brittany Levy, Product Manager

Deanna Ting is Resy’s New York Editor. Some of her favorite recent meals took place at Kebab Aur Sharab, Le Crocodile, Pilar Cuban Restaurant, and an Oyster Oyster pop-up at Momofuku Ko Bar. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Follow Resy, too.