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The New York Restaurants We Loved in March


Fake or not, spring is here, and accordingly, Resy staffers had their dining calendars fully booked this month. A few themes we noticed? Shared plates still rule, late-night dining is back, and pizza and burgers never go out of style.

Resy Staffer Spotlight: Allison Chesky

If you want to talk to a real O.G. Resy staffer, brand director Allison “Alli” Chesky certainly fits the bill. Alli joined Resy seven years ago and has seen it evolve so much since. “When I first started at Resy, people didn’t always know what it was,” she recalls, “but now it’s much more recognizable, and that’s a great feeling.”

When it comes to restaurants, Alli’s very much about the vibes. Dining out is the event, and the restaurant has to set the scene. “I always look for an eclectic mix of interesting people, combined with great food and environment,” she says. “I like places that make me feel transported, and have a point of view when you dine there.”

And when she dines out, she gravitates toward Resy restaurants, naturally. “I do notice the difference.” Here, in her own words, are a few of her favorite restaurants in New York.

Pizza, Pizza: Una Pizza Napoletana 
It’s my favorite spot for pizza. I love how hyper seasonal their menu is; you’re always bound to find something new or different.

Splurge-Worthy: Eleven Madison Park 
I recently went and was really impressed with the new menu. It just reminded me how exceptional the service and experience of dining there is. It was very special.

Good for Groups: Coqodaq
I love how it allows you to have this really social, communal experience. It’s a really fun restaurant to go to with friends because sharing is the basis of the menu. And the food is amazing and exceptionally well done.

A New Favorite: Raf’s
It’s a new emerging favorite for me. The space is intimate but electric — there’s a fun vibe and cool crowd that make it feel like a Parisian brasserie tucked away in a small pocket of Nolita.

Tried and True: Raoul’s
It’s my go-to restaurant and I love to order a sampling of the classics: artichoke and steak au poivre, paired with a martini. Pro tip: I’ve had the good fortune of having the famous burger at brunch. Having the burger at the bar is such a hot commodity, but getting it at brunch is a little easier to manage.

Classic All the Way: The Polo Bar
It’s a classic for me because I think it’s just a great New York City experience, from start to finish. The bar is reserved for diners, so it allows you to have a complete end-to-end experience, which really elevates the occasion. I like to order the vesper, shrimp cocktail, and burger. On my last visit, Ralph greeted us on his way out — an iconic NY moment!

For the Out-of-Towners: Monkey Bar 
This is another staple for me. I love how, if you’re a fan of 4 Charles Prime Rib, you can experience the burger and a few of the other hits from their menu here, but with more of an expanded footprint and with even more menu options. I always get the steak tartare and it’s really exceptional there. I love to bring visitors from outside of New York because I think it’s such a classic New York City restaurant and it offers a nice entree into the city’s dining experience.

I finally made it to Lord’s

Dame is my favorite postage-stamp sized restaurant and I’ve been eager to try its more meat-forward sister. We sat at the bar and the restaurant was humming — it feels vibrant and decadent, and we had the best time. My favorite dish totally surprised me: the smoked trout crudo is smoky and simultaneously really bright. The dill oil and celery cream hug onto the fish and it’s just heaven. .

Tess Gostfrand, Restaurant Product Marketing Manager


I went to the Lord’s x Manteca dinner …

That kicked off their Tale of Two Cities dinner series and had an amazing meal. The pork skin ragu was delicious and a journey in texture, the ‘nduja steamed mussels paired beautifully with the glass of cataratto recommended by their head sommelier, Max Eddy, and the fennel and pistachio cake was the perfect ending.

Tyler Friedman, Restaurant Success Manager


Major thanks and kudos go to …

Our server holding down the 1 to 3 a.m. graveyard shift with grace and care at Ichibantei, an izakaya in the East Village, whose kitchen closes at an unheard-of-these-days of 2:30 a.m., seven days a week (!!). Agedashi tofu and Japanese beef curry hit on a whole other level when your only other option is a $1 slice and Taco Bell.

Noëmie Carrant, Senior Writer, Resy Editorial


We love to see a stellar late-night menu …

And that’s exactly what they’ve got over at Hellbender Nighttime Cafe, the sister bar to Rolo’s, and it was superb! We had the charred broccoli salad, mushroom machete, and a piping hot choriqueso.

Ria Mar-Fan, Product Services Manager

Following the pure joy from my honeymoon in Japan …

I’ve made it my mission to seek out places that remind me of, in my opinion, one of the coolest places in the world. Specifically, I fell in love with whiskey listening bars, so on my birthday, I found my way to Bar Orai to relive some of those fond memories. As soon as you walk in, you’re met with the calm ambiance and beautiful decor you’d find in Japan — wood-paneled DJ booths, Wassily chairs, and a dimly lit bar with the finest Japanese whiskeys. I enjoyed their creative menu featuring unique takes on classics like mentaiko mac and cheese with cod roe, yuzu tomatoes marinated in brown sugar, and of course, shrimp and pork katsu sandos. The stars of the show were their options for fun cocktails and different flavored highballs paired with the calm sounds of Maxwell, The Pharcyde, and Sade.

Charles Zhao, Director of Restaurant Product


With their small intimate menu …

Nura tempts you into wanting to order everything, and we totally gave in for a recent date night dinner. We definitely did not hold back and ordered the garlic coriander naan, Parker rolls, set of dips, grilled prawns, short ribs, Japanese sweet potato, braised cabbage, lamb kofta, and dessert. There was never a dull bite, and every dish was packed with unique flavors, thanks to that proper tandoor oven. If you go, you have to get the naan and order as much as possible, but also, consider making a day of it. There are lots of vintage shops nearby, and a great cocktail bar in Eavesdrop, just around the corner for pre- or post-dinner drinks.

David Gold, Restaurant Success Manager 

My first time at Cervo’s  …

Was worth the wait. I’m a big fan of Hart’s and The Fly and have had this sister restaurant at the top of my list. I finally scored a Resy Notify and experienced the crispy shrimp heads! The sleeper hit was the bomba rice with razor clams and Swiss chard. I’ll definitely be returning for outdoor dining season.

Michelle Greenbaum, Senior Manager of Social Media


Having your family visit New York City …

Can oftentimes be stressful, especially when they are picky eaters. Stretch Pizza is a perfect option for this scenario. They’ve got plenty of crowd favorites done exceptionally well and, additionally, a few things my family might not have tried otherwise. Extra points for the personal-sized squeeze bottles of sauces..

Evan Stein, Senior Regional Sales Director, NYC


I celebrated my birthday …

At Le Crocodile, after first visiting for a Galentines dinner last month and loving it so much. The food is just absolutely amazing, and the vibes and staff made the whole experience even better. It’s my new favorite spot in the city for sure. If you book early, you might be able to get one of the bigger booths that’s ideal for sharing a bunch of dishes. And don’t sleep on the fries and dessert.

Felicity Lin, Senior B2B Marketing Analyst


For a Friday date night …

We went to Little Maven in Flatiron and had a great time. If you go, you’ve got to get the octopus, which is extremely flavorful and comes with patatas bravas. The service was great; the chef kept coming out and checking on how people were enjoying their meals. It’s a great spot for date night or to stop by for a drink.

Richa Mehra, Consumer Product Manager


The weather finally turned nice …

A couple weekends ago, and I was able to score a Saturday brunch reservation at K’Far. It’s located in a beautiful space in the Hoxton Hotel in Williamsburg, and the atmosphere was buzzing with other people who, like me, had just emerged from a long winter hibernation. The potato bureka and shakshuka were great, but the star of the show was the egg and cheese Jerusalem bagel.

Shane Gilligan, Analyst, Strategic Partnerships

Highly recommend grabbing a few friends …

And ordering the full menu at Achilles Heel in Greenpoint. This has always been a favorite cozy locale, but it’s become exceptional for dining since chef Sunny Lee joined the kitchen. Not having to choose between the small list of Korean small plates is the way to go; everything on the table is going to be delicious and exciting. We especially loved the hwe with lemon chogochujang, the winter citrus salad with dates, and the crispy braised chicken leg with roasted cabbage and a hefty dollop of aioli. And don’t skip the sesame mochi cake dessert!

Isabelle Andrews, Director of Product


New favorite alert! …

It’s Yellow Rose! I am aware I’m late to the party on this rec, but I went to Yellow Rose before seeing “Titanique” and will never stop telling people to go to them both! Yellow Rose is both a quintessentially Texas and NYC restaurant. The tacos are phenom; I wish I got two of the carne guisada and would go back for the fajitas. Their little gem salad was fun and delicious, too. And of course, I had to get the sheet cake on [Resy Editorial senior writer] Noëmie’s rec, and loved it.

Tess Gostfrand, Restaurant Product Marketing Manager


I don’t know what took me so long to finally get in …

To Bangkok Supper Club but I can’t wait to return and explore the rest of the menu, especially the cocktails. We had a group dinner here and ordered as much as we could. I could eat a half dozen of the uni and crab Tartlet for one, and everything that followed was punchy, spicy, and exciting. Some personal favorites included the fried pork jowl over spiced fried rice, beef cheeks Massaman, and charcoal green beans with tofu cream. And please do yourself a favor and order the coconut-sweet potato pandan dessert.

Aaron Ginsberg, VP, Strategic Partnerships and Industry Development


I’m still dreaming about …

The fried chicken and Champagne combo at Coqodaq. And while the chicken is the star of the show, the banchan, wine list, and vibes are all worth going back for if you can snag a table or a seat at the bar.

Patrick Schepis, Senior Manager, Global Restaurant Network 


Do not skip the baked meatballs …

If you find yourself at Hancock St. They were the highlight of all the apps we ordered when I went there with a few college friends. We also shared the tuna and crispy potato and Brussels sprouts, and shared three pastas as well. It’s a great spot for sharing and drinks!

Erika Greengarten, Restaurant Success Manager

It’s worth going to Café Chelsea

Just for the vibes — and the food. I went there on a Thursday night with friends and we ordered classic French bistro fare, from chilled whole artichoke with saffron aioli and those ravioles du Dauphiné to the cheeseburger and maitake au poivre. I really loved the ambiance — very buzzy — and how the restaurant was spaced out with a bar area and two interior dining rooms. Do note it’s a bit loud, so be prepared to speak over the noise.

Richa Mehra, Consumer Product Manager


After a leisurely afternoon …

Spent wandering the sun-drenched Neue Galerie, whose rooms are as ornate as the Gustav Klimt works that adorn the walls, head to Café Sabarsky for a Viennese supper. (Pro tip: Don’t go without a Resy; walk-ins are not guaranteed!). Must-orders include the wiener schnitzel and anything from the extensive dessert menu. Our favorite dessert was the kaiserchmarren (caramelized crêpes soufflées with roasted fruit compote and toasted almonds). With a table filled with desserts, lovely service, a live pianist, and a few whipped cream-topped espresso shots (einspänner), everything about this afternoon felt luxurious.

Isabelle Andrews, Director of Product


It was crucial that …

I went back to Ruthie’s as soon as possible after my last visit. The whole restaurant, from the candlelight and exceptionally warm team to the home run dishes, feels so right. We were greeted with a giant smile by Marc St Jacques, the chef-owner, who was making a brief appearance on the floor. He later dropped some nori-sesame-brown butter popcorn at the table, and we devoured it in seconds. I was wowed again by the seafood symphony Carolina gold rice and the steak sizzle with hoisin sauce, green onions, and peanuts. A few dishes from my last visit had been replaced on the menu, but I didn’t miss them; I love that they keep it exciting over there. I’m imminently booking my next visit!

Tess Gostfrand, Restaurant Product Marketing Manager


I’m already planning my next trip back to …

Hoexters. It’s a great, newly opened spot on the Upper East Side and perfect for date night or dining with family and friends. My advice? Start with the gorgonzola garlic bread and the winter Caesar salad; both were incredible. Then split the double smash cheeseburger and pork Milanese.

Erika Greengarten, Restaurant Success Manager

My friends and I have developed a loose tradition of celebrating our birthdays …

At The Four Horsemen, and our most recent dinner did not disappoint. We ordered nearly the entire menu, along with (many) bottles of wine lovingly recommended by our server. Everything was delicious, but my favorite bite was the sesame-crusted yellowfin tuna in brown butter. Despite having dined at The Four Horsemen multiple times, I’d somehow never tried their bread, and now I know I’ve been missing out. They’ve officially been added to my “Let’s Get This Bread” Resy List.

Alex Johnson, Senior Manager, Resy Marketing


Sushi night …

At 456 Sushi was so good, and so was the service. We ordered the nigiri special and handrolls and had the best time. It’s definitely easier to get a reservation during the weekdays here and I highly recommend it.

Sami Lieberman, Senior Software Engineer


Date night is just better …

At The Wesley. Tucked away in West Village, The Wesley is the perfect dining spot where everyone will find something they love — vegans and carnivores alike. It hits on every mark: incredible food and drinks, friendly service, and great vibes. Their menu brings vegetables out into the spotlight. Don’t skip on the roasted brussels with cashew gochujang. I will be back each season to try out what new and delicious inventions they come up with next.

Sarah Slaton, Product Designer


Inga’s Bar is always a fun vibe …

And they have the most friendly staff. We dined there recently on a Friday night and discovered they’d updated their menu quite a bit. I enjoyed the lamb croquettes and charred gem salad to start, and then duck confit with a side of spaetzle and a New York strip steak for the mains. We didn’t have a reservation but managed to grab two seats at the bar for a lovely meal accompanied by great drinks.

Shireen Truetzel, VP, Product


Balthazar was just as delicious …

As the first time I ate there years ago. All the dishes were seasoned just right and cooked to perfection. The steak frites with bearnaise sauce was sinfully good. A highlight of the meal was the tarte tatin. I had never ordered it here before, but it was the best version of the dish I have ever had outside of France. The apples were jammy and caramelized. Topped with vanilla ice cream, it was the perfect ending to our celebratory meal. We also visited the takeout shop to bring some sweets home. There’s a reason there is always a line to get in, but it’s worth it!

Julie Waters, Executive Assistant


The bread at Eyval

Is not to be missed. We ordered the feta with it, which is incredible, but you can utilize the bread throughout the meal with so many delicious spreads and dressings within all the dishes. Other favorites included the citrus salad, which was so unique and a standout for us. I love the saffron ice cream dessert; it’s so unique and you can’t stop eating it.

Margo Valiante, Restaurant Success Manager

I just had brunch …

At Black Iris and really enjoyed the Turkish eggs there. It’s our go-to spot in the city to get them.

Jonathan Cespedes, Senior Software Engineer


Decades Pizza is quickly becoming one of my favorite pizza places …

I live in Bushwick, which has tons of options for pizza, but Decades, which is technically in Ridgewood, Queens, is probably my favorite spot in the “neighborhood” (using that term loosely). One of my favorite meals is pizza, a salad (the chopped one here is fire) and a Manhattan, so it’s sort of the perfect place for me. Plus, I can never get into Rolo’s anymore, but it’s right up the street!

Duncan Goodwin, Senior Implementation Specialist


Shoutout to one of the sexiest dining rooms in the city …

Aka Le Gratin, which acted as a perfect and delicious backdrop for a three-hour-long feast with some friends. This is Daniel Boulud’s ode to his hometown of Lyon, so order accordingly. The pâté de campagne is terrific, as are the quenelles de brochet. The monthly special was a decadent coq au vin, and every dessert is a hit (we know because we tried them all).

Noëmie Carrant, Senior Writer, Resy Editorial


All the seafood you could think of …

Can be found at Astoria Seafood, including the most delicious branzino, salmon, mussels, calamari, shrimp, and more. You can just grab whatever you want to eat and get it cooked however you prefer. It’s BYOB so be sure to be prepared; it’s a popular and very busy spot, so try to get there early and grab a table as soon as you see one.

Felicity Lin, Senior B2B Marketing Analyst


I recently checked out Superiority Burger

With some of my Resy family and left dinner feeling satisfied but also very light. This is a vegetarian spot that reconfirms that you don’t need meat to feel full! Some standouts from the menu include the roasted white sweet potato, the sweet and sour pink beets, and, of course, the superiority burger. The only advice you really need before going is to finish the meal with something sweet. As a banana bread enthusiast, I can’t stop thinking about the griddled banana bread with coconut gelato, chocolate olive oil, and walnuts.

Chelsea Diakite, Marketing Analyst, Paid Media and Brand Strategy


Sunday night dinner with a friend …

Was a memorable one over at Sappe, the new restaurant from the same folks behind Soothr. The ambiance is fun with pink and purple lights meant to remind you of a club in Bangkok and we loved the food and service; the server was really helpful when it came to figuring out our order. We ordered a lot and, if I were to return, I’d probably skip the skewers and go straight for the chao pad rod fai gai (chicken fried rice) and krapow moo grob (sautéed crispy pork belly).

Richa Mehra, Consumer Product Manager


Bonus: This spot is totally worth the drive …

Lita, in Aberdeen Township, N.J., is only a short 35-minute drive from my house and on a recent visit, we shared just about everything from the Iberian-style menu: Portuguese garlic shrimp, tempura green beans, albondigas, and seafood paella. The space is enormous, beautiful, and absolutely delicious. I also loved learning about how they operate the restaurant — every member of the staff is trained to work both front of house and in the kitchen, so they rotate positions on a weekly basis, and tips are all split evenly. If you get there early, definitely check out La Otra, the cocktail bar next door.

Jamie Goldstein, Resy Strategic Partnerships

Deanna Ting is Resy’s New York & Philadelphia Editor. Some her favorite meals this month took place at Maloya, Chalong, Nōksu, Bo Ky in Chinatown, and Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine in Elmhurst. Follow her on Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). Follow Resy, too.