Chef Camari Mick, along with images of food from some of her favorite restaurants in New York City.
“Taking yourself out on a date is a very important thing to do once a month.” Photos courtesy of Gentl + Hyers for Raf’s; Aunts et Uncles; Peasant; and Sixty Three Clinton. Photo composite by Noëmie Carrant.

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The Musket Room and Raf’s Camari Mick Shares Her Favorite NYC Solo Dining Spots


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Where do chefs go and, more importantly, where do they love to eat? In Resy Regulars, we ask Resy chefs to tell us where they’re regulars.

In this edition, we’re chatting with Camari Mick, the pastry chef at downtown hot spots Raf’s and The Musket Room. She’s a three-time James Beard nominee for best pastry chef or baker, was named one of 2023’s Forbes 30 Under 30 in the food and drink category, and also, as this list reveals, always up for a good time. Needless to say, Mick’s time is in high demand at both restaurants, but when she does find a moment to herself, she’s got solo dining down to a science.

“I think when you’re being a solo diner, it’s important to just make connections,” she says. “You may not be in the industry, but you never know who you’re going to be talking to. Taking yourself out on a date is a very important thing to do once a month — even if you have a partner or you have friends. You have to find out what you like, without anybody else’s opinion.”

Here are a few of Mick’s favorite “treat yourself” spots for a solo day or night out, in her own words.