Photos by OK McCausland for Resy and courtesy of Patricia Howard

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Where Patricia Howard and Ed Szymanski of Dame and Lord’s Go for Date Night in New York


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Where do chefs go and, more importantly, where do they love to eat? In Resy Regulars, we ask Resy chefs to tell us where they’re regulars.

In this edition, we’re chatting with Ed Szymanski and Patricia Howard, the newly married co-owners of a duo of British restaurants in Greenwich Village: seafood-centric Dame, known for its fish and chips, and Lord’s, which trades in modern nose-to-tail cooking. They’ve also got a new project in the works, but they’re keeping details under wraps — and reserved for date nights — for now.

Essentially, none of their restaurants would have existed if not for date nights. The two met while working together at the Beatrice Inn in 2017, and dining out after their shifts became a springboard of ideas. “We’re not the type who’s like, ‘Oh, we won’t [talk about work],’” says Howard. “Our brain doesn’t turn off. We’re always talking about, ‘Oh, that’s cool that their service station is built that way or, ‘Oh, I like the aprons they’re wearing here,’ or ‘Look how they organized their wine list.’”

So it’s no surprise that the sensibilities of their go-to spots often appear in their own restaurants. And they’re an eternal source of inspiration, too. Restaurants are “just such amazing things, joyful places,” says Szymanski. “Every time we go to one of these places, that joy is reignited. It makes us remember why we do what we do.”

Here are a few of their favorite date night picks that continue to inspire them.