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Pig and Khao Chef Leah Cohen’s Favorite Date Night Spots


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Where do chefs go and, more importantly, where do they love to eat? In Resy Regulars, we ask Resy chefs to tell us where they’re regulars.

In this edition, we’re chatting with chef and restaurant owner Leah Cohen. Since the birth of her one-year-old, the former “Top Chef” star has been busy juggling two kids and two restaurants: Pig and Khao, a lively southeast Asian spot in the Lower East Side, and Piggyback by Pig & Khao, an eclectic pan-Asian restaurant in Midtown West, close to Penn Station.

Typically, Cohen gets the kids ready for the day — the older one for school, the younger for the nanny, who relieves her so she can start her workday. A cup of coffee and a workout session later, Cohen splits her work week between the two restaurants and social media production. She spends three full days at both Piggyback and Pig & Khao. If any kitchen staff is absent, Cohen jumps into the expediter role. Other times, she works on new dishes with her chefs. Another day of the week is dedicated to her social media work; she’s amassed 151,000 followers on Instagram, and more than 24,000 followers on TikTok, all of whom turn to her for cooking tips and techniques. Some of her recent posts feature kaya toast, kimchi bacon udon, and linguine and clams.

Date night has since become a rarefied but mandatory once-a-month occasion for Cohen and her husband, Ben. And when they go out, she wants guaranteed good food and fun vibes. These are her go-to date night spots that always check off those boxes.