Chef Jackie Carnesi
Chef Jackie Carnesi loves going on lunch dates on her days off from Nura. Photo of Carnesi by Mariana Garay, courtesy of Nura. Other photos courtesy of Nura, Via Carota, and Leo.

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Nura Chef Jackie Carnesi’s Favorite New York Lunch Spots


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Where do chefs go and, more importantly, where do they love to eat? In Resy Regulars, we ask Resy chefs to tell us where they’re regulars.

In this edition, we’re chatting with Jackie Carnesi, the executive chef of Greenpoint’s Nura, which draws on flavors and techniques from the Middle East and India. Carnesi’s signature dishes include green chorizo lamb kofta in cashew crema; za’atar baby back ribs cut with a tangy strawberry sauce; and a must-order bread basket with blistered garlic coriander naan and pillowy Parker House rolls, served with a colorful array of dips like housemade harissa yogurt.

Before opening Nura in 2021, the Texas-bred chef worked in celebrated New York kitchens like Roberta’s, Otis, and Empellón Cocina (now closed). And as a busy working mother to a four-year-old, her downtime usually happens during her son’s school hours, so she savors having lunch dates with her partner, best friend, and drum-and-bass DJ, Damian Higgins, aka Dieselboy.

“Before we had our son, our favorite thing to do was to go to a million places in one night and over-eat, over-drink, and over-indulge all over New York,” she says. These days, she recreates that connection over pints of Sapporo and orders of shrimp cocktail in full sunlight.

Here are Carnesi’s favorite spots for lunch dates with her partner.