Weekly Specials: Those Wacky Reopening Stunts and Mannequins Are Actually Good


By now, you’ve seen the mannequins. You’ve seen the shower curtains. Maybe you’ve seen the holiday decorations, too, and envied that drive-in idea.

As restaurants across America start to consider reopening for business in this new coronavirus era, it’s no secret that they are reinventing themselves, their service models, their environments, and pretty much the rest of their operations. During this process, a lot of restaurants are trying wacky, extreme ideas. Look, most aren’t the final solutions to save the industry, but hey, they’re something. And no one has the answers right now, but sometimes you need the weird ideas to get to the best ideas.

Also in this week’s episode: A very poignant segment about sobriety in this shutdown era, the Week in José, and more tidbits to make you smile.